List of GA Insurance Products and branches in Kenya

This is a list of all products offered by GA Insurance and their branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. The company was incorporated in 1979 to offer general and medical insurance. It is part of I&M Bank Group following an acquisition in 2006. GA  stands for ”General Accident” Insurance Company.

Their products are designed to cater for personal and commercial solutions.

GA Insurance Personal Products 

1. Motor Private Insurance

This policy provides cover for insured’s vehicle against financial loss and legal liability arising from accidental damage, fire, theft and malicious damage.
There are three covers under this policy;
  • Comprehensive cover- It covers third party liability and property damage to the vehicle arising out of fire, perils of nature such as floods,  theft and accidental damage to the vehicle. Social perils like riots are also included in the cover.
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft- A lower cover than comprehensive and restricts losses to the vehicle that result from accidental fire, theft.
  • Third-Party Fire Only – The policy only operates when the vehicle causes accidental damage to other people’s property such as collision with another vehicle.

2. Travel Insurance Policy

It covers an individual or group against unforeseen accidents and incidents while travelling to foreign countries. It includes medical insurance, losses and delays, personal accident, cancellation and curtailment among other benefits.

3. Domestic Insurance Policy

It covers your households against fire, theft, accidental damage, liability to third parties, occupational accidents, and liabilities as owner or occupier of residential buildings.

4.Personal Accident Insurance Cover

This policy is designed to provide financial help if you have a serious accident or injury, or if you suffer a fatal accident. It covers against bodily injury effected solely through external, violent and accidental means. The benefit is paid in case of death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability.

5. Golfers Insurance

  • Equipment Cover- Provides cover to your equipment such that in the event of a claim, you would receive new equipment at your original purchase price, regardless of its age.
  • Personal Liability- Provides protection of your legal position, should you damage property or injure another person whilst playing golf.
  • Personal Accident-Provides compensation should you be unfortunate enough to sustain a serious injury on the golf course.
  • Hole-In-One Cover- Pays your club-bar bill in the event you a score a hole-in-one.

6. Pet Insurance Policy

It covers any animal kept not for economic gain but for the owner’s comfort .e.g. Dogs, Cats.
GA Insurance Commercial Products 
1. Motor Insurance
This cover pays to repair or replace the motorcycle in the event it’s stolen or damaged in an accident. It also covers legal liability against injuries to other people and damage to other people’s property.
Motor Commercial Insurance
It provides cover for motor commercial vehicles against accidental damage, fire, theft, third party liability and is extended to cover passengers while in the cabin.
Motor Trade Insurance
It provides cover for motor traders/garages against road risks during the testing and movement of the vehicle on its on wheel from the dealer to the customer or the bodybuilders.
2. Fire Insurance 
Fire & Perils Insurance 
It provides cover for damage or destruction to insured property by fire, lightning or explosion of domestic appliances.
Business Interruption Insurance
It provides cover against loss of profits as a result of damage to insured property following a fire.
Industrial All Risks Insurance Policy
It provides cover on ‘’All Risks’’ basis.
Stock Floater Insurance Policy
It provides cover for stock.
3. Accident Insurance 
Burglary Insurance Policy
It covers your contents against loss of or damage to the property insured caused by theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises.
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
It insures you against loss of money, securities or goods belonging to the business resulting from an act of fraud committed by an employee.
Goods in Transit Insurance
It covers for loss of or damage to property belonging to the insured or for which the insured is responsible arising from any accident or other perils while in transit by any conveyance specified in the policy e.g. Road, Rail, air.
Money Insurance Policy
It covers the loss of money in transit between the bank and the office or between offices. The liabilities covered include cash in transit,  cash in premises, cash in safe, cash with directors or the business.
WIBA Insurance Policy
This policy covers employees against workplace risk as well as off-duty risks.
Plate Glass Insurance
This policy compensates the insured in the event of accidental damage of glass at premises.
All Risks Insurance Policy
All risks, as the name suggests, covers property from different kinds of perils.
WIBA enhanced
This policy provides cover against bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of employment by the insured. This is further enhanced to provide round the clock cover even when out of duty.
Group Personal Accident Insurance
This policy provides compensation to the insured’s employees if they suffer bodily injury solely and directly caused by accidental, violent, visible and external means.
4. Engineering Insurances
Boiler & Pressure
This policy provides cover against damage (other than by fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel and any other property of the insured. It also provides cover against liability of the Insured for damage to third party property.

Contractors All Risks Insurance Policy

It provides an “ALL RISKS” cover available to contractors that will offer protection destruction or damage to contract works, contractor’s plant & machinery at the site, and materials on site.

Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance Policy

It covers the insured’s own plant and equipment on an ‘All Risks’ basis.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance

It provides cover for loss of or damage by deterioration or putrefaction to goods stored in any cold storage space specified.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The policy protects the insured electronic equipment against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage.

Erections All Risks Insurance

This policy is designed to cover the risk of loss arising out of the erection, installation, commissioning and testing of machinery, plant and steel structures, including physical damage to the contract works, equipment and machinery, and liability for third-party bodily injury (BI) or property damage (PD) arising out of these operations.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance
It provides cover against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to factory production machinery, workshop machinery, generators, industrial lathes, drills, compressors etc.
Machinery Breakdown Consequential Loss
This policy provides cover for the loss of profits sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by material damage.
5. Liability insurances
Carriers Legal Liability Insurance
This cover indemnifies the Insured against legal liability arising from actual, physical loss and or damage to property directly caused by fire, accident or misfortune while such property is being loaded upon, carried by or offloaded from any vehicle or trailer during transit including when the vehicle temporarily stored in the course of transit.
Directors and Officers Liability
This policy provides for compensation in case of any loss a company suffers due to the actions taken by the Officer and Directors of the Company in the discharge of their duties.
Employers Liability Insurance
It provides cover against bodily injury by accident or disease to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment and directly related to negligence or breach of common law or statutory duty by the employer.
Legal Contractual Liability
This cover indemnifies the Insured against any legal contractual liability arising from loss or damage to property in the custody or control of the Insured out of negligent acts of the employees.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
This policy provides cover to professionals against legal liability for any acts of negligence in the course of duty.
Public Liability Insurance Policy

It covers Legal liability in respect of:

  • Accidental death of or bodily injury or disease contracted by any person,
  • Accidental loss or damage to material property, occurring through the fault or negligence of the Insured and in connection with the Insured’s business.
  • Legal liabilities arise when negligence is established against a business following actions of employees or activities of the business.

Product Liability Insurance

It provides cover against legal liability in respect of accidental death of or bodily injury or disease contracted by any person or accidental loss of or damage to tangible property arising from anything harmful or defective in any products manufactured, assembled, processed, modified, repaired, serviced, altered, labelled, handled, sold or supplied by or through the Insured in the course of or in connection with the insured’s business.

6. Marine & Aviation insurances

  • Marine Cargo Insurance Policy- This is a transit risk policy covering the movement of cargo from a specified point to the point of discharge.
  • Marine Hull Insurance Policy- This policy provides cover against physical damage as well as attendant liabilities to ships/boats/yachts and other vessels.

Aviation Insurance 

It provides cover against the risks associated with aircraft operations.

7. Bonds insurance

  • Miscellaneous Bonds – This covers bonds for pre-qualification and bidding for development projects.
  • Financial Guarantees – It covers bonds mostly associated with development projects.
  • Custom Bonds Insurance Policy- This policy ensures that all duties, taxes and fees owed to the government will be paid.

8. Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance

It provides cover against risks of terrorism, sabotage, mutiny, insurrection, rebellion, a coup de’ tat, riot, strike and civil commotion.

List of GA Insurance branches in Kenya

1. GA Insurance Head Office

Location: 4th Floor GA Insurance House, Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi

Contact: 0709 626 000

2. GA Insurance Westlands Branch

Location: 2nd Flr, The Westwood Building,  Ring Rd Parklands, Nairobi

Contact : 0709 626 000

3. GA Insurance Mombasa Branch

Location: Upper Mezzanine Floor, Biashara Building, Nyerere Avenue

Contacts:0709 626 000

4. GA Insurance Kisumu Branch

Location: Ground Floor, Bon Accord House, Temple Road

Contact : 0709 626 000

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