List Of Gastroenterologists In Kenya And Their Contacts

Gastroenterology is the study of the functions and diseases of the digestive system mainly focusing on the oesophagus, stomach, large intestines, small intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, bile duct and rectum.

Specialists practising in this field are known as gastroenterologists. They treat diseases ranging from acute and chronic pancreatitis, colorectal cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cancer, peptic ulcers, oesophageal cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C and E and many others. In Kenya, there are quite a few gastroenterologists, a big number of them based in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Here is a list of gastroenterologists in Kenya, their Location and their Contact.

Dr. Smita Paresh Devani

Location: Aga Khan Doctor’s Plaza 1st floor room 140, 3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Contact: +254 20 374 6506

Dr. Festus Mwetu Ilako

Location: Professor Nelson Awori Centre, 4th floor suite A2, Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi

Contact: +254 76 378 6069

Dr. Stephen Mbugua Kairu

Location: The Green House, East Wing Suite 19, Ngong Road, Nairobi

Contact: +254 73 644 3383

Dr. Muhamed Hussein Jin

Location: Aga Khan University Hospital, third Parklands Avenue

Contact: +254 20 366 2000

Dr. Edna Wairimu Kamau

Location: 309 Fortis Suites, Hospital Road, Upper Hill

Contact: +254 701 114094

Dr. Mahesh Veljibhai Shah

Location: Aga Khan Doctor’s Plaza, 1st floor room 103, Third Parklands Avenue

Contact: +254 20 374 3215

Dr. Oyoo Onyango

Location: Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, 3rd Parklands Avenue

Contact: +254 20 284 5000

Dr. Ernest Muinde Kioko

Location: upper hill Medical center, 2nd floor, Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi

Contact: 020 2715241, 0722 511877

Dr. Henry Mutisya Kioko

Location: Fortis Suites, Hospital Road, Nairobi

Contact: 0723 698 920

Dr. Wilson Miriti Kiraitu

Location: Kenyatta National Hospital, Private Doctor’s Plaza, Suite 14, Ralph Bunche Road

Contact: 0710 780 907


Dr. Steve Burget

Location: Silibwet Road, Gigiri

Contact: 020 204 5542

Dr. Godfrey Nsereko Lule

Location: University of Nairobi, Department of Internal Medicine

Contact: 020 271 4720


Dr. Betty Muhatia Musau

Location: the Nairobi Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, 2nd floor, Argwings Kodhek Road.

Contact: 020 272 2302

Dr. Hudson Aubrey Ludenyo

Location: St. Michael’s Medical Care Golf Course, Mbagathi Road.

Contact: 0722 621 052

Dr. Abdulrazak Sheikh Muhamed

Sinus Medical Centre Office Suites, 5th Ngong Avenue, Nairobi

Contact: 020 271 4221

Prof. Elly Otieno Ogutu

Location: University of Nairobi, Department of Internal Medicine

Contact: 0733 771 859

Dr. Thomas Mbwele Mutie

Location: Nairobi Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, Consolidated Gastroenterology Clinic of Nairobi

Contact: 0722 849 337


Dr. Fredrick Antone Okoth

Location: Nairobi Hospital Doctor’s Plaza 1st floor room no. 103

: Aga Khan University Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, 1st floor room no. 131

Contact: +254 73 373 1121

Dr. Stephen Onyango

Location: Kenyatta National Hospital, Hospital Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 272 6300

Dr. Eric Mwenda Murunga

Location: Doctor’s park building, 6th floor, 3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 520 6808, 0719 214 991

Email: info@gastroliverkenya,com

Dr. Allan Chemist Rajula

Location: CNR Limuru Road and third Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Contact: +254 20 3662000

Dr. Kirankant Snmukhlal Shah

Location: Aga Khan Doctor’s Plaza, ground floor Suite 1 and 2, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa

Contact: +254 41 222 4428

Dr. James Parklea

Location: Eldoret Hospital Annex, Makasembo Road, Eldoret West,

Contact: +254 53 2062000

Dr. Samson Orondo Obure

Location: 3rd floor, Gate House, Mburu Gichua Road, Nakuru.

Contact: +254 51 221 5381

Dr. Alimohamed Firoz Abdulshakur

Location: Mombasa Hospital, suite 5, Mama Ngina Drive, Mombasa

Contact: +254 41 231 2191

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