List Of GDC Sacco Society Branches In Kenya

This is a list of GDC Sacco Society branches in Kenya.GDC Sacco was established and registered in 2003 as a Back Office Service Activity (BOSA). The Sacco opened the Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) in the year 2006. With an asset base of more than 4.25 billion, GDC is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya.

GDC Sacco Products

(a). BOSA Products

1. Long-term credit facilities.

2. Short-term credit facilities.

  • Mazao loan.
  • Ng’ombe loan.
  • Jiunge na mapato.
  • Business loan.
  • Business overdraft loan.
  • Salary loan.
  • Asset finance.

3. Advances & Instant Credit

  • This includes salary advance, milk advance, jiunge advance, chai advance and kahawa advance.

(b). FOSA Products & Services

1. Savings Account

Ideal for processing salaries, pensions, crop payments and personal savings.

2. Business Account

Offers an avenue for convenient business transactions for business people. You can withdraw with no limits to the amount and frequency of withdrawals.

3. Group Account

Suitable for welfare groups, corporate, schools, hospitals, churches and other institutions.

4. Minor Account

Provides a reasonable and convenient way for parents to plan for their children’s future as well as show them the importance of saving.

5. Fixed Deposit Account

The ultimate choice for members who desire attractive returns on their investment. With a very low minimum balance requirement and competitive interest rates.

6. Vijana Tumeamua Account

For account holders between 18-28 years.

7. Akiba Account

Ideal to save for holidays and long-term projects with an attractive interest rate per annum.

8. Premier Savings Account

Ideal for long-term savings with a high return on investment (withdrawable once a year).

9. Diaspora Account

Ideal for members living and working outside the country.

10. Corporate Account

Ideal for institutions, schools and big organisations with unique attractive features.

List Of GDC Sacco Society Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Githunguri Town, GDC Sacco Plaza, Opposite Main Market.

Contacts: 0723 400 611, 020 201 5366.


2. Ikinu Branch

Location: Ikinu Shopping Centre, Along Nairobi- Githunguri Road.

Contacts: 0701 525 837, 020 807 8098.

3. Githiga Branch

Location: Githiga Shopping Centre.

Contacts: 0777 400 612, 020 260 8369.

4. Kigumo Branch

Location: Kigumo Shopping Centre.

Contacts: 0707 383 203, 020 241 6775.

5. Kwa Maiko Branch

Contacts: 0704 401 338, 020 232 2398.

6. Maai Mahiu Branch

Location: Maai Mahiu Town, Along Market Street.

Contacts: 0795 615 350, 041 224 7118.

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