List Of High End Beauty Parlors Kenyan Celebrities Love To Frequent

This is a list of high-end beauty parlors most Kenyan celebrities love to frequent. When you are in the limelight, you don’t do cheap. You don’t do mtumba, you do designer. You don’t do kibandaski, you do posh restaurants. You don’t do cheap salons, you do expensive beauty parlors. Well, it’s not a bad thing to have an A game when it comes to your looks. My friend you gotta look like Beyonce or Rihanna if you want people to hit the follow and like buttons on Instagram. Beauty is good for the soul and the mind and it runs down from the hair, faces lips, skin, nails, knees, to your toes. All this care, you can have it all under one roof. Here are some of the best beauty salons frequented by your favorite Kenyan celebrities.

1. Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa

Here, you will heal and transform yourself into the best skin and hair care plus a message in this state of art spa and beauty salon. From makeup, women hairstyle, manicure, face and body care. Find it at Sifa Towers in Lenana Road. It’s owned by high fashion model Susan Kaittany.

2. Flair by Betty

A homely boutique – Salon offering hair, beauty and barber services. The Betty Kyalo owned parlor guarantees you gorgeous hair, beautiful nails, fresh Cuts, henna and make-up services all in flair! It’s located at the iconic FCB Mihrab building, along Lenana Road, Mezzanine Floor.

3.African Royalty Salon.

Professional experience in natural hair care solution is at African royal salon, located near equity bank in Kimathi street. From dreadlocks, dreadlock extension, sister locks, baby locks, to temporary locks. The staff is very talented and dedicated. It’s owned by popular celebrity stylist Eric One Wash.

4. Ashley Hair and Beauty Salon.

It has revolutionized the beauty industry offering quality services through  Ashley Centres, Ashley’s Academy and Ashley cosmetic shops. It is making beauty a profession locally and internationally. It is located in City Mall in Nairobi.

5. Pam Hair and Beauty

Get sophisticated hair designs fully accommodated quality services that generate both internal and external beauty. Massages, waxing, facials, chair treatment and an exclusive private barber. It is located in Capital Centre.

6. Maya’s Salon and Boutique

Let your hair, facial, hands and feet experience the best care at Maya’s salon located at Green House in Spring Valley. Get makeup consultation and application suitable for the casual and formal occasion.

7.Afro Siri Salon

This is a home of trendy fashionable hair, beauty services and products. Founded by Wahu, Afro Siri offers professional advice to reach your beauty and hair goals. It is located in Krishna Centre in Westlands.

8. Milele Executive Salon and Barber Shop

It’s an established beauty entity with outlets in Karen, Hurlingham, and South B. Each outlet has departments that include hair beauty, barber shampoo, and spa. Their special customer services will make you feel appreciated.

9. Aristocuts Beauty Salon and Spa

It’s a leading unisex hair salon with world-class services. They are dedicated to your hair and time providing you with latest products treatments and special offers. Relax Refresh and Get Revived at Aristocuts beauty salon and spa located in Yaya Centre.

10. Renee Beauty Salon

It’s located at Skymall Luthuli Lane.


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