List Of Home Internet Service Providers In Nairobi

This is a list of best home internet service providers in Nairobi. Some of the main factors to consider before choosing an internet service provider include; Internet security solutions, customer support services, internet reliability and speed. Therefore, this article mainly focuses on internet service providers that meet the factors mentioned.

1. Zuku

Zuku offers unlimited internet plans in over 60% of the home market in Kenya. It is widely used in Kenya due to its cheap prices. It also offers options for satellite TV entertainment with over 60 channels. Zuku’s internet speeds range from 15mbps to 60 Mbps, with prices ranging from Kshs. 4499 to 10,000.


2. JTL Faiba

It is another popular internet service provider that mainly concentrates on offering internet solutions to businesses. It however offers home internet in select locations within Nairobi. It offers unlimited internet plans with charges ranging from Kshs 10,000 to 55,000 depending on the internet speed.

3. Safaricom

Safaricom mainly provides bundled internet services. The telecommunication giant recently rolled out home fibre connection which is limited to lush estates in Nairobi such as Muthaiga, Westlands, Athi River, Nyayo Estate and some estates along Thika Road. Safaricom charges Kshs. 3,500 per month for 10mbps.


4. Poa Internet

The internet provider offers home broadband connections with speeds of up to 4mbps with a monthly fee of only 1,500 shillings per month. It charges a one-time connection fee of 2,000 shillings.

5. Elink Networks

Elink networks offer unlimited home internet connection from 7mbps to 15mbps. It charges Kshs. 2500 per month for 7mbps, 4,000 for 11mbps and Kshs 6,500 for 15mbps.

6. Skynet Broadband

It offers high-speed internet service through VSAT, fibre, WiMAX and HFC connections. It offers up to 60 Mbps quality speeds on VSAT with charges ranging from Kshs. 6,800.

7. Telkom Kenya

It recently rebranded from Orange to Telkom Kenya. It offers affordable home unlimited internet plans with a download speed of 15mbps and an upload speed of 20mbps. Telkom offers a monthly internet unlimited plan at Kshs 4,000.

8. Access Kenya

It is a top internet service provider that has been in the market for more than 10 years. The company provides corporate internet solutions, residential broadband connection and managed services. For inquiries on pricing, you can contact them via +254 20 375 0200 or through email,

9. Tabana Wireless

It delivers fixed wireless and wifi cloud-based wireless RF networks, wifi offload, WLAN wifi wireless ethernet bridge, wireless LAN survey with wifi network bridge installation. The company’s charges for various internet plans range from Kshs. 800 to 4,099

10. Hai Internet

It offers super fast and reliable internet connection at affordable prices that start from Kshs. 2,874 onwards, depending on your most preferred internet plan.

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