List Of Hospitals That Offer Cancer Treatment In Kenya

This is a list of hospitals that offer cancer treatment in Kenya. Kenya has very few facilities that are well equipped and with the prescribed capacity to treat cancer. This is one of the major reasons that has forced many cancer patients in Kenya to seek help abroad, particular India which is actually the best destination to seek treatment for chronic illnesses and killer diseases such as cancer.

Here is a list of the few hospitals in Kenya that offer cancer treatment.

1. Texas Cancer Centre

Texas Cancer Centre is one of the few health facilities in Kenya that employs skilled and experienced professionals who offer holistic treatment to cancer patients. The centre’s treatment approach focuses on chemotherapy, linear accelerator radiotherapy, cancer screening and palliative care.

Location: Mbagathi Way-Keri Road, Nairobi West

Contacts: +254 716 279 632


2. Tenwek Mission Hospital

The hospital offers limited cancer screening and treatment services (gynecologic), stenting for oesophagal cancer and palliative care for cancer and other illnesses.

Contacts: +254 728 091 900


3. Mater Hospital

It is a private healthcare facility that offers general cancer management services, leukaemia, breast, cervical and prostate cancer screening and surgery for malignant tumours.

Location: South B, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 020 690 3000/ 0719 073 000

4. The Nairobi Hospital

The hospital features a cancer treatment centre that houses a team that provides seamless care needed in the diagnosis of cancer investigation, surgery, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, palliation and supportive care for different types of cancer such as prostate, ovarian, breast, hepatoma, pancreatic, brain tumour, skin, head and neck tumours.

Contacts: +254 703 082 000/ 0730 666 000


5. Kijabe Mission Hospital

Location: Kijabe Town

Contacts: +254 709 728 200/ 0787 142 122


6. Aga Khan University Hospital

It is a private health facility that provides cancer screening programmes, specialised diagnostics, palliative care, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

Contacts: +254 (0) 20 366 2037/2644, +254 732 688 911

7. Kenyatta National Hospital

It is Kenya’s biggest referral hospital It mainly offers cancer screening, diagnosis, chemotherapy and palliative care.

Contacts: 020 272 6300


8. M.P Shah Hospital

It is a modern 210-bed facility that offers cancer screening, diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

Contacts: +254 20 429 1100


9. Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital

Location: Nandi Road, Eldoret Town, Uasin Gishu County

Contacts: +254 722 201 277 / +254 734 600 461


10. Nairobi Hospice

It mainly provides outpatient and home-based care palliative care for cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Contacts: +254 0202 712 361/2719383, +254 732 690 077


Nairobi Radiotherapy Center

This is one of the leading healthcare centres for comprehensive cancer treatment in Nairobi. It’s located along Kindaruma Road in Kilimani.

Contact: 0700 322585 or 0780 322585

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