List Of Hospitals That Offer Yellow Fever Vaccine In Nairobi

This is a list of hospitals that offer the yellow fever vaccine in Nairobi. Yellow fever is a viral disease that is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Some of the common yellow fever symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, red eyes, dizziness and loss of appetite.

Yellow fever vaccination is a mandatory requirement when travelling to different parts of the world, especially yellow fever-endemic countries. Most countries require one to have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate before being granted entry. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is valid 10 days after being vaccinated.

The cost of getting the yellow fever vaccine ranges between Ksh 1,500-2,500 in most public hospitals. The cost may vary in private hospitals as each private health facility has its rates.

Here is a list of hospitals that offer the yellow fever vaccine in Nairobi.

1. Karen Hospital

The Karen Hospital offers all recommended vaccinations and immunization approved by the health governing bodies in the country. The vaccination services are offered at the hospital’s Immunization and Travel vaccination centre.

Location: Along Lang’ata Road, Karen

Contacts: 0726 222 001, 0736 200 001, 020 661 3000

2. Mater Hospital

This is one of the best private hospitals in the country. It offers all the recommended vaccinations and immunizations. For any inquiries regarding their rates, you can contact them via the contacts below.

Contacts: 0719 073 000


3. MP Shah Hospital

Location: Shivachi Road, Parklands

Contact: +254 20 4291 100


4. Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital is a state-of-the-art private hospital that offers effective travel and routine vaccinations.

Contacts: 0703 082 000, 0730 666 000


5. Aga Khan Hospital

Location: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 366 2000, 0711 092 000


6. Port Health Clinic – JKIA

One can get a yellow fever vaccine at the port health clinic located within Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, at a cost of Kshs. 3,500.

Contacts: 0705 164 724, 0776 183 068, 0773 053 845


7. Port Health Office Wilson Airport

This is one of the fastest and most efficient places to get a yellow fever vaccination in Nairobi. As of our last check, the facility only accepts cash and charges Ksh 2,500.

Cost: Ksh 2,500

Location: Wilson Airport, Nairobi

Contact: 0707 424 036

8. Department of Health Services, Nairobi City County

You can get the yellow fever vaccine at City Hall, at a cost of Kshs 2500

Location: City Hall Annex, 3rd Floor, Room 305

Contacts: +254 020 2224281

9. Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Location: Along Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham

Contacts: 0709 667 000, 0733 618 353


10. Amref Travel Clinic

Location: Wilson Airport, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 699 4000, +254 20 600 6340


11. Centre For Tropical And Travel Medicine

The facility offers yellow fever vaccination at a cost of Kshs 3,900.

Location: Off Ngong Road, Adams Arcade

Contacts: 0721 163 974, 0734 211 888


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