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List Of Hot Springs In Kenya

This is a list of hot springs in Kenya. Kenya is dotted with several eye-catching natural hot springs which are geothermal treasures that draw tourists from all walks of life. There are also self-made spas and natural baths within the country that offer the same adventurous feeling as the natural ones.

Here is a list of hot springs in Kenya.

1. Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

Lake Bogoria is a saline, alkaline lake located in the Kenyan Rift Valley. The lake is famous for geysers and hot springs located in the lake and along the bank. There are about 200 spectacular hot springs in the lake that draw thousands of local and international tourists.

2. Lake Magadi Hot Springs

Lake Magadi is a saline-alkaline lake that is mainly recharged by saline hot springs. The hot springs lie along the northwestern and southern shorelines of the lake.

3. Olkaria Geothermal Hot Spa

The geothermal spa offers a bouquet of adventure, comfort and luxury. It features three cascaded lagoons, the first one being a receiving pond for the hot brine with a temperature of about 90°C, the second is an overflow from the first lagoon and the third with a temperature of 35°C and can take up to 400 people.

4. Lake Elementaita Hot Springs

Lake Elementaita is one of the lakes in the Great Rift Valley with natural hot springs that are worth visiting. The hot springs are located on the shores of the lake. The hot springs can easily be accessed through guided tours by local or nearby campsites.

5. Loburu Hot Springs

The Loburu springs are located near Lake Bogoria. They feature over 30 separate springs, with three of the springs having continuous geysers.

6. Chemurkeu Hot Springs

Chemurkeu hot springs are also part of Lake Bogoria. They are a group of about 40 hot springs that form breathtaking scenes worth capturing.

7. Lake Turkana Hot Springs

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest alkaline and permanent desert lake. The lake hosts several hot springs around its fringes. The hot springs can easily be accessed through guided tours from locals and nearby campsites.

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