List Of International Schools In Kericho County

This is a list of international schools in Kericho County. The county has few international schools which are registered and accredited with the relevant bodies. However, there are several top-performing private schools located within the county that have over the years posted impressive results in national examinations.

Here is a list of international schools in Kericho County.

1. Kericho Montessori School International

Kericho Montessori School is a fully-fledged Montessori learning centre that strictly observes and follows the Montessori curriculum that is tailored to fit the learning pace of every child.

The Montessori curriculum was developed by an Italian educator known as Maria Montessori. It is an educational approach that is child-centred and based on scientific observations of children. It is tailored towards making sure that every child is taught and trained to master their strongest skills at a pace that works with their learning strength and capability.

The school strives to provide the right facilities for your child by designing learning, playing and eating facilities specifically with children in mind. It also has an effective transport system that ensures that pupils are picked from home in the morning and taken back home after school.

Location: Behind Kericho Green Stadium, Kericho Town.

Contacts: 0719 102 497, 0736 887 868.


2. Kericho International School

Kericho International School was established in 2016, with a long-term vision of offering both the 8-4-4 and IGCSE curriculum. It is a day and boarding school that offers the very best, affordable and competent education from Grade 1 to class 8. The system of education from Grade 1 is based on the recently introduced Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The school is non-secretarian and based on strict Christian principles which must be adhered to. It offers a quality education that seeks to produce well-rounded individuals who can perform any task in society.

Location: About 3 kilometres along Kericho- Ainamoi Road.

Contact: 0723 045 137.


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