List Of International Schools In Kisumu County

This is a list of international schools in Kisumu County. Most of the international schools in Kisumu County offer the British National Curriculum from early years to year 13.

Here is a list of international schools in Kisumu County.

1. Braeburn Kisumu International School

Braeburn Kisumu is a member of the Braeburn Group of International Schools. The school teaches children from age 2 to 16 years and follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales.

Location: Aput Lane, Off Achieng Oneko Road, Kisumu Town

Contact: 0720 655 200


2. Western International School Of Kenya

Western International School of Kenya offers the English National Curriculum and the Kenya National Curriculum. It admits students from kindergarten to high school, that is from early years to year 13. Students in years 10 and 11 undertake the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) while those in years 12 and 13 sit for the Cambridge A level exam.

Contact: 0707 054 282


3. White Oaks School

White Oaks School offers an adapted version of the British National Curriculum from early years to year 13. The school prides on producing well-rounded students who excel in both academics and co-curricular activities.

Location: Tom Mboya Estate, Kisumu.

Contact: 0746 485 626.

4. Jalaram Academy

Jalaram Academy is a top international school that was started in 1990, with a vision of being one of East Africa’s leading institutions in academic excellence and nurturing of talents.

The school follows the British system of education, but the curriculum has been tailored to cater for the needs and interests of the multi-cultural student body.

Location: Off Ring Road, Milimani Estate, Kisumu.

Contact: 0733 788 888


5. Rainbow School International

Rainbow School is an international kindergarten and daycare that follows the British National Curriculum. The school is cosmopolitan, diverse, and embraces the full meaning of internationalism by emphasizing the meaning of positivity, inclusivity and tolerance.

Location: Along Got Huma Road, Near St. Stephen’s Church, Milimani, Kisumu.

Contact: 0729 422 867


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