List Of International Schools In Kwale County

This is a list of international schools in Kwale County. Kwale is located on the south coast of Kenya. The county is headed by Governor Salim Mvurya.

There are few international schools located in Kwale County. The schools mainly offer the British National Curriculum which is one of the well-established and renowned curricula in the world.

Here is a list of international schools in Kwale County.

1. South Coast Academy

South Coast Academy is a small international school located in a peaceful and rural setting. The school was established in 2007 and has over the years delivered a broad, balanced curriculum that is adapted to meet the needs of the school’s international community on the South Coast.

The school teaches the British Curriculum and offers a recognised academic programme to students from pre-kindergarten to year 6, with a planned expansion to year 7. Pupils attending the school get the privilege of receiving broad, balanced and relevant learning experiences, including all aspects of the British National Curriculum.

Pupils at the school will spend much of the time learning the National Curriculum core subjects of English, speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling, handwriting skills and mathematics, science, information and communication technology.

South Coast Academy Contacts

Uphill Farm

P.O. Box 5383,

Diani Beach.

Tel: +254 0723 416 749, +254 735 639 140


2. Tradewinds Academy

Tradewinds Academy is an international school located in Diani, about 30 kilometres south of Mombasa. It is accessible from the main Diani Beach Road.

The school caters for 2-11-year-olds and offers a vibrant and stimulating environment on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It offers a warm, welcoming and diverse school community with a mix of Kenyan and international staff and children.

The academy follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales, for reading, writing and maths. The curriculum offered is comprehensive and balanced and provides children with the necessary tools they will require in the next phase of their learning journey.

Contact: 0718 956 317


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