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List Of Jambojet Destinations And Charges

This is a list of Jambojet destinations and charges. Jambojet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenya Airways and Kenya’s first low-cost airline. It operates from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

Jambojet offers a wide variety of value-added services that ensure you enjoy your flying experience, in the manner that bests suits your pocket. It guarantees you top quality service and adherence to international safety standards.

Here is a list of Jambojet destinations and charges.

1. Nairobi- Mombasa

Fare charges: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)

2. Nairobi- Kisumu

Fare charges: From Kshs 3,700 (One way)

3. Nairobi- Eldoret

Fare charges: From Kshs 4,200 (One way)

4. Nairobi- Malindi

Fare charges: From Kshs 5,700 (One way)

5. Nairobi- Ukunda

Fare charges: From Kshs 4,200

Jambojet Fees For Additional Services

This entails charges for additional services such as extra luggage allocation and special assistance.

1. Upto 23 Kgs of checked/prepaid baggage

Cost: Kshs 750

2. 24- 32 Kgs of checked/prepaid baggage

Cost: Kshs 2000

3. Excess baggage rate at the airport

Cost: Kshs 400

4. Seat selection (standard seat)

Cost: Kshs 410

5. Seat selection (aisle/window)

Cost: Kshs 410

6. Seat selection (extra leg room)

Cost: Kshs 580

7. Diving equipment

Cost: Kshs 2300

8. Large fishing equipment

Cost: Kshs 5800

9. Fishing equipment

Cost: Kshs 2300

10. Golf equipment

Cost: Kshs 2300

11. Surfing equipment

Cost: Kshs 2300

12. Bicycle

Cost: 2300

13. Infant fees

Cost: 10% of published adult fare

14. Meet and assist fee

Cost: Kshs 2000

15. Name change fee

Cost: Kshs 2090

16. Date change fee

Cost: Kshs 1970

17. Service charge (call centre/sales office)

Cost: Kshs 700

18. Price lock

Cost: Kshs 500

Jambojet Sales And Ticketing Offices

1. Eldoret Office

Location: Rupa’s Mall, Ground floor

2. Kampala Office

Location: Jubilee Insurance Building, Parliament Avenue, Ground floor

3. Kisumu Office

Location: The West End Shopping Mall

4. Malindi Office

Location: Nakumatt Building, Lamu Road

5. Mombasa Offices

Location: Nakumatt Nyali, Electricity House (Ground floor)

6. Nairobi Offices

Location: Barclays Plaza, 7th Floor

Yaya Centre, Ground Floor

Sarit Centre, Ground Floor

JKIA Terminal 1 D

7. Ukunda

Location: Costa Sur, Ground Floor

Jambojet Contacts

0711 024 501

0730 804 545

0730 804 545

0711 024 545


For general inquiries: info@jambojet.com

For bookings: reservations@jambojet.com

For group bookings: groups@jambojet.com

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