List Of Jumuika Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Jumuika Sacco branches in Kenya. Jumuika Sacco is one of Kenya’s leading savings & credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members.

It was registered on 7th March 1970 as Chemelil Savings & Credit Cooperative Society with an original membership of 50 members who were employees of Chemelil Sugar Company, including contractors, sugarcane farmers, transporters and outgrowers.

Due to demand for banking facilities, the Sacco opened the Front Office Service Activities (FOSA) section in 2001 to offer services such as salary processing, cheque clearance, farmers advance, payments and savings accounts to members.

The Sacco was licensed by SASRA in 2012 and is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya with an asset base of 0.20 billion.

In 2014, the Sacco rebranded and is currently serving members of the public including;

  • Teachers (TSC employees).
  • County government employees.
  • National government employees.
  • Employees of private institutions and NGOs.
  • Farmers.
  • Business community.
  • Jua kali artisans, mama mbogas and boda boda operators.
  • Welfare groups, youth groups and women groups.

Jumuika Sacco Products and Services

1. BOSA Products

The Sacco offers affordable loans to members with an interest rate as low as 8.13% per year. Currently, the Sacco is giving an average monthly loan of 8,700,000. The loan balance to date stands at Kshs 146,364,605.

Below are the loan products offered by the Sacco.

  • Normal/ development loan.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Education loan.
  • Premium loan.
  • Introductory loans.
  • Re-finance loan.
  • Pepea loan.

2. Front Office Service Activities (FOSA)

  • Salary processing.
  • Cheque clearance.
  • Farmers advance payment.

3. Savings Accounts

  • Fixed deposit account.
  • Salary advance.
  • Salary account.
  • Toto savings account- for children.
  • Holiday savings account.

4. Micro Credit Loans

These are loans given to groups such as women groups, youth groups, welfare groups, chamas and merry go rounds.

List Of Jumuika Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Chemelil Sports Complex, Awasi Town.

Contact: 0100 312 144.


2. Awasi Branch

Contact: 0727 588 017.

3. Ndhiwa Branch

Contact: 0723 486 545.

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