List of Kenya Orient Insurance Products and Branches in Kenya

This is a list of products offered by Kenya Orient Insurance and its branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. The company was established in 1982 by the Al Fateem Group of Dubai and was later acquired by Kenyans in 1988.

Kenya Orient is synonymous with innovative products that have changed the Kenyan insurance industry. These products include Safari Bima; a 24hr accident cover, Motor Pack; the first and only Excess-Free Motor Private insurance, Orient Mobile; the only standalone mobile insurance product in Kenya and Orient Home; the only home insurance with free rescue services in Kenya.

Kenya Orient Insurance Products

Vehicle Insurance 

It provides cover against physical damage, theft, or fire of the insured vehicle and also includes third party property damages, bodily injuries, and legal liability of the insured. The policy also compensates the insured for any costs arising out of an accident, theft, flooding, earthquake, or fire.

There is also an alternative of third party only (TPO) cover, which covers costs and damages to third party property and bodily injuries.

Home Insurance

It covers a private dwelling house or private flat and its contents, owners and tenants’ legal liability and domestic servants. It provides cover for the following; Section A Buildings, Section B-Contents, Section C-All risks, Section D-Workmen compensation, Section E-Owners’ liability, and Section F-Personal/occupier’s liability.

Personal Accident

This cover offers compensation for death, permanent disablement, temporary loss of income due to disablement, and medical expenses arising from an accident. 


This policy compensates the insured’s property stolen from their business premises.

Contractors Plant & Machinery / Plant All RisksIt covers the insured’s own plant and equipment on an ‘All Risks’ basis.

Carriers Liability

It protects the insured against third-party claims that arise from accidental loss or damage to goods in the custody or control of the insured while on transit by road, rail, or any other specified means within the territorial limits specified in the schedule of the policy.

Contractors All Risk

It provides protection against damage or destruction to a Contractor on the Contract works, contractor’s plant and machinery, and the material on site.

Contractual Liability

This policy indemnifies the Insured against any legal contractual liability arising from loss or damage to property in the custody or control of the Insured out of negligent acts of the employees.

Crop – Open field

It covers the insured against crop loss due to various risks such as bad weather.

Crop-Green House

It covers the crops in the greenhouse against unpredictable and uncontrollable weather which results to crop loss.

Custom Bonds

They guarantee the payment of import duties and taxes.

Deterioration Of Stock

This policy provides cover for loss of or damage by deterioration or putrefaction to goods stored in any cold storage space specified.

Directors & Officers Liability

This cover offers protection to current, future, and past directors and officers of a company against the consequences/lawsuits filed by shareholders, regulators, state investigators, or other third parties for actual or alleged wrongful acts when acting in the scope of their managerial duties.

Electronic Equipment Policy

This policy protects the insured’s equipment against unforeseen and sudden physical loss and/or damage.

Employers Liability

It covers for legal liability compensation consequent upon death or bodily injury to or illness of an employee, which occurs during and in the course of employment.

Erections All Risk Policy

It provides cover for loss of or damage to property insured arising from fire, theft, or any accidental damage with the exception of specifically named exclusions.

Fidelity Guarantee Policy

This policy offers protection against loss of money or goods in the places of work, through dishonest and fraudulent acts of the employees.

Fire & Consequential Loss Policy

The Fire & Peril policy covers material damage loss only. A consequential loss policy, however, covers loss of revenue when an investment is rendered temporarily unproductive owing to damage by an insured peril.

Fire consequential loss must be taken up together with a fire (material damage) policy.

Fire Industrial Policy

It covers damage or destruction to insured property arising from fire, lightning, or domestic appliances explosion.

Goods in Transit Policy 

It covers specific goods carried in against risks of loss and/or damage while in transit from point A to the point of destination, within a specified geographical area specified in the policy.

Golfers Policy

It covers golfing equipment, personal effects against ALL RISKS whilst in transit to and from or at any Golf Club Premises, the Club House, Caddie Master’s Hut, or professional shop. Personal accident is covered in this policy. It also provides third-party liability cover; Legal liability arising from claims made on the Insured in respect of accidents caused by the Insured whilst playing or practicing Golf on any Golf Course.

Group Personal Accident

This policy covers employees of companies. Compensation is made in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by accidental, external, and visible events.

Immigration Bond

These are bonds used for the purpose of obtaining work permits. They are issued to non-citizens where the Insurer guarantees their conduct while they are in Kenya. Should they fail to perform in conduct or performance, the Insurer will be called upon to pay the cost of deportation and/or the result of their conduct or performance.

Industrial All Risk

This is an All Risks Insurance policy that provides cover for loss of or damage to property insured arising from fire, theft, or any accidental damage with the exception of named exclusions.

Livestock Policy

It provides protection against loss from the death of specified livestock due to unavoidable or uncontrollable circumstances.

Machinery Breakdown Policy

It provides cover against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to the insured machinery.

Marine Hull Policy

It covers loss or damage to the physical boat, its machinery, and the equipment.

Money Policy

It covers loss of cash/money under the following circumstances:

  • On the premises described in the schedule.
  • In transit and/or in the custody of duly authorized employees
  • Loss or damage to safes /strong rooms; as specified in the schedule.

Motor Commercial

This policy provides cover for motor commercial vehicles against collision, fire, overturning, theft of parts, accessories, or the entire vehicle. It also covers third-party legal liabilities arising from property damage or personal body injuries (excluding the driver and the loader).

  • Motor Commercial Driving Schools
  • Motor Commercial General Cartage
  • Motor Commercial Institutional Vehicles
  • Motor Commercial Own Goods
  • Motor Commercial School Bus
  • Motor Commercial Special A (Agricultural & Forestry)
  • Motor Commercial Institutional Vehicles
  • Motor Commercial Own Goods
  • Motor Commercial Special B (Ambulance & Fire Fighting)
  • Motor Commercial Tankers

Motor Pack

This policy excess Free Insurance with Free Countrywide 24 Hour Motor Accident Assistance in case you are involved in an accident.

Motor Private Insurance Policy

It provides protection to all models of private vehicles against road accidents, theft of whole or parts of the vehicle, and legal liabilities arising from third party property damage or personal injury. This is with the exception of use as PSV and Hire services.

Motor Trade Road Risks

This policy is designed for full or part-time motor traders operating their own business from home or from business premises, who require road risks cover for their own vehicles or vehicles in their custody or control for motor trade purposes.

OMB- Orient Mobile cover Policy

It provides cover against accidental damage and loss/theft of the phone among selected models including standard accessories e.g. earphone, gear, and charger.

Orient Business Policy 

 It provides cover for loss or damage to the insured’s property arising from:

  • Accidental fire
  • Explosion (excluding commercial boilers)
  • Riots, Strikes or other malicious damage, provided the insured was not a participant
  • Lighting
  • Burglary/Theft from visible violent damage to the insured’s premises
  • Armed robbery with the exception of theft/robbery by the business’ employees

Orient Commercial Insurance Policy

It provides protection for your truck against loss or damage, payment to the financier for any total loss or damage to the vehicle in case the vehicle is under a financing arrangement, protection, recovery, and removal after accident, repair to the vehicle. It also provides indemnity to you or your authorized driver or any person in or getting into or out of the vehicle and Indemnity to legal representatives.

Orient Home

It provides cover for your home, its contents and your employees.

Orient SME Combined

It is a combination of relevant products designed for Small and Micro Enterprises according to the client’s requirements. Some of the common products in all small businesses are:-

  • Fire & perils
  • Burglary
  • All Risks
  • Money
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • WIBA
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

Orient School Pack

This is a comprehensive pack tailor-made product covering schools and other learning institutions.

Orient Student Personal Accident

It provides 24 hours worldwide coverage in the event of injuries, disability or death sorely caused by violent accidental, external and visible events.

Orient Xtense

This is an enhanced Motor Warranty policy that protects your vehicle in the event of unexpected electrical or mechanical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Performance Bond

These are bonds issued to contractors against non-performance/default of contractual work given to them by their employers, where contractors are supposed to carry out and complete the work stated in the manner and time specified in therein.

Plate Glass

It provides cover on declared stock and business-related tools and property against the risk of fire & lightning, burglary, political risk & acts of terrorism, and all risks.

Political Violence and Terrorism

It covers physical loss and damage, as well as business interruption costs, as a result of a terrorist act or acts of political violence.

Product Liability

It protects against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied through your business.

Professional Indemnity/Liability

This policy covers legal costs and expenses incurred in your defense, as well as any damages or costs that may be awarded if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs that cause your client to lose money.

Psv Asset

Psv Chauffeur Driven 

It covers damage arising from a collision, overturning, fire, theft of parts and accessories, or damage to the entire vehicle. It also covers liabilities arising from third party property damage or third party body injury to vehicles with a maximum capacity of nine (9) passengers.

Psv Self Drive

It covers damage arising from a collision, overturning, fire, theft of parts and accessories, or the entire vehicle. It also covers liabilities arising from third party property damage or third party body injury to vehicles with a maximum capacity of nine (9) passengers.

Psv Taxi

It provides protection against accidental damage, fire, theft, third party liability, and passenger liability.

Psv Tuk Tuk

It covers loss of or damage to TUK TUKs arising from accidental damages, malicious damage, collision, fire, theft. It also covers third party liabilities arising from third party property damage and third party bodily injuries.

Public Liability

It protects an insured person or organization against their legal liability to members of the public (third parties) arising from;

  • Death or bodily injury to third parties
  • Loss of or damage to third party property

Trustees Liability

It protects trustees, employees, the employer, and any said scheme in the event of claims brought forth. The policy covers settlement on legal action and for the costs of defending actions.

Transit Bond

This is a guarantee given to transporters of imported goods destined for a neighboring country where the transporter hasn’t paid their custom duties.

Tuk Tuk – Commercial

It provides cover for Tuk-tuks against accidental loss or damage and/or death, bodily injury or loss or damage to property of third parties arising out of use and/or operated by the insured.


It covers any occupational illness and accidents during the course of employment, including medical expenses and loss of wages for either body injury or the death of an employee as per the WIBA Act 2007.


The WIBA plus policy covers in addition to the above also extends coverage to 24 hours.


List of Kenya Orient Insurance Branches in Kenya
1. Kenya Orient Insurance Head office
Location: 6th Floor, Capital Hill Towers
Contacts:+254 719 042000 / +254(020) 2962000
2. Kenya Orient Insurance Hughes Branch
Location: Hughes Building, 1st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi
Contact: +254(020) 223 0887
3. Kenya Orient Insurance KTDA Building Branch
Location:5th Floor, KTDA Plaza, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi
Contact:+254 720 829 271
4. Kenya Orient Insurance Ongata Rongai Branch
Location:1st Floor, Tyme Arcade, Magadi Road
Contact:+254 715 505 520
5. Kenya Orient Insurance Ruaka Branch
Location:3rd Floor, Ruaka Square, Limuru Road
Contact:+254 720 829 297
6. Kenya Orient Insurance Kitengela Branch
Location:2nd Floor, Red Herron Court, Namanga Road
Contact: +254 724 130 605
7. Kenya Orient Insurance Machakos Branch
Location: 3rd Floor, Town Plaza
Contact:+254 717 255 097
8.Kenya Orient Insurance Mombasa Branch
Location:1st Floor, Vishnu Towers Building, Moi Avenue, Mombasa
Contact:+254(041) 2316509
9. Kenya Orient Insurance Kisii Branch
Location: Ouru Towers, 1st Floor Along Kisii-Kisumu Road
Contact: +254 713 127277
10. Kenya Orient Insurance Kisumu Branch
Location: Al imran Plaza, Ground Floor, Oginga Odinga Road
Contacts: +254(057) 202 2436 / +254 775 973401
11. Kenya Orient Insurance Eldoret Branch
Location: JK House, Ground FloorOginga Odinga Street
Contact: +254(053) 2031870
12. Kenya Orient Insurance Thika Branch
Location: Twin Oak Plaza, 3rd Floor
Contact: +254(067) 2220224
13. Kenya Orient Insurance Embu Branch
Location: Sparko Building, Ground Floor
Contact: +254(068) 2231422
14. Kenya Orient Insurance Meru Branch
Location: Rufus Building, Ground FloorOpposite Budget Supermarket
Contact:+254(068) 3130066
15. Kenya Orient Insurance Nyeri Branch
Location: Old Marshalls Building, Ground FloorKimathi Way Street
Contact:  +254(061) 2030542
16. Kenya Orient Insurance Nakuru Branch
Location: Tower 1, 2nd FloorMoi Road Nakuru
Contact: +254(051) 2215364
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