List Of Kenyan Athletes Serving Sanctions From IAAF For Doping Reasons

Kenya is a renown sports powerhouse and we have been known to produce the best athletes in the world. Championship after championship, we  have cemented our streak as the country with the best athletes.

But as in any competition,there are those who will use dubious means to get the prize. Some celebrated Kenyan athletes have used  prohibited substances to boost their endurance in the races. The most used substance is Erythropoietin (EPO) which as much as it is produced by the kidney, it can also be artificially produced and administered to athletes or cyclists to improve perform, like increasing endurance.

The doping positives are slowly trashing Kenya’s hard-earned reputation as a powerhouse of producing the best distant running athletes.

Below are some of the Kenyan athletes who have been banned for sometimes after testing positive for banned substances.


1. Rita Jeptoo
Born in 15 February 1981, Rita started being a marathon runner back in high school. She won the Boston Marathon three times, including setting the then course record at 2:18:57 in 2014 , she had also won marathons in Chicago, Stockholm, and Milan, as well as having represented Kenya in the event at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics . She has many accolades to her name but in 2014, she tested positive for EPO and was banned until Oct 29, 2018.


2. Agatha Jeruto Kimaswai
She is one athlete who was destined to step in the shoes of champion Janet Jepkosgei who was her training partner. She was the African 800m games bronze medallist and had high hopes of  qualifying for the world championships but was banned after testing positive for banned substances until May 19, 2019.


3. Koki Manunga
Koki was born in 30 October 1993. She is a  hurdler and has competed in the
Women’s 400 metres hurdles event at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, China. She was disqualified after failing a doping test until Aug 24,2019.


4. Lilian Moraa Mariita
IAAF slapped her with a hefty ban of 8 years, the harshest in Kenya for a while now. She will be out of the game until Aug 13,2023.


5. Emily Chebet  Muge
Emily Chebet Muge  is a long-distance runner who specialises in the10,000 metres and cross country running .She is a two-time winner of the IAAF World Cross Country Championships , being the gold medallist in 2010 and 2013. She got banned for doping reasons until July 16, 2019.


6. Joy  Zakari Nakumincha
Banned alongside Agatha Jeruto, Joy was  sanctioned for four (4) years effective 25th August 2015 to 24th August 2019 after being found guilty of using the prohibited substance Furosemide. Her sanction is due Aug 24, 2019.


7. Josephine Jepkoech Jepkorir
Jepkorir won the 10km Prague Grand Prix in 2013, the same year she won a half marathon in the Czech republic. She was then ranked amongst the top 100 women half marathoners from her fourth place finish at the Ras Al Khaimah International Half Marathon, in February which was canceled after she failed an EPO test back in 2013. She was then banned until late this year.


8. Kennedy Kipyego Lagat
Kennedy has set his personal bests in Rochef FRA RD Marathon and Montpe FRA but got banned back in 2015 until Aug 1, 2020

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