List Of Kenya’s 20 Most Sought After Music Producers

We all love good music, be it dancehall, locals, country, traditional hip-hop, the genre really does not really matter. There is much more efforts, time and talent put into producing good music.  All too often, we overlook the work of music producers, just giving him credit for good beats and showering the artiste and the video director for their impressive work. What does a music producer do anyway? He is the project manager for recording, mixing and mastering process, an engineer who works late in the night to create a masterpiece. He is a motivator, inspiring the artist and coaching them on their core strength. Some are a golden ticket into your hall of fame. Now you know.

In no particular order, here are some of the dopest music producers in Kenya who are catalyzing the music industry giving it vigour, purpose and a sense of direction.

1.Eric Musyoka

This one of the veteran music producers in Kenya who made careers of top artists in Kenya that have remained relevant to date. He owns a music studio with the name Decimal Records that has been in operation for the past 21 years.

2.Magix Enga

He calls himself the beat king, and truly he deserves the name. Blame it on your ignorance if you have no clue about who this badass music producer and his recent successful works. So these hit songs that have been reigning the airwaves since the year began are works of his hands, he has worked with Timmy Tdat, Otile Brown, just to Menton but a few.You will agree with me that Magic Enga is a genius whose hands are super gifted as every other artist he works with, sort of becomes successful.

3. Teddy B

Among the most popular gospel music producers, he has earned his rightful position somewhere there. Working with Size 8, and Willy Paul on the TamTam Remix was a breakthrough for the gospel industry. He has worked with other artists in the gospel industry to promote its relevance and we look up to him with so much admiration.

4. Saint P

He has been doing his thing for a while.You remember Sari Sari by Dk kwenye beat fr Antoneosoul, wasn’t that so beautiful and creative of him? He is a master of the fame with experience and skills. Saint P has worked with other Gospel artists like Bahati, Kambua, Eyko Didda, Jimmy Gait, Rufftone.

5. R Kay

He is better known as Robert Kimanzi.He is one of the most sought-after music producers across East Africa who has won multiple awards and has worked with the best of the best. He is the one who produced  Mafeelings by Dela . He has also worked with Bobby Wine, Kidum, Lady Jay Dee, Ray C, Professor Jimmy Gait, Oliver Mtikudzi, Mercy Masika, Suzanna Owiyo

6. Philip Makanda

Did you know Jaguar owes Mainswitch production, and the man behind his hit songs is Philip Makanda. He has also worked with various dope artists such Vivian, Kendi, Zikki and Elani.

7. Jacky B

A lot of gospel hits are under his name.He has produced music for Size 8, Daddy Owen, you name it.

8.Ulopa Ngoma

Those club bangers that get you in the mood on Friday night, you should be saluting this guy for hits like, Wabe, Eish, and others.

9. Naiboi

Being an artist and a producer at the same time is brilliant. Naiboi has produced a lot of hits from his Pacho Records studio and his work is dope.

10. Richy Bitz 

You must be curious about the guy who produces songs for King Kaka.Now you know, Richy Bitz is Kaka Empire’s in-house producer.

11. iLogos Music

Pacho Records has been up and about doing hit songs. Ilogos has particularly produced hits like 4Mulla, Adabu by Dela fr Hart The Band and doing so much more.

12. Kid Kora

He has been producing virtually all the Kansoul Hits.

13. Jack Jack on the Beat

He is so on point. He has produced Femi One’s hit Tippy Toe ,Bazokizo, Zigwembe, Arrow Boy’s Murder, Sema Ngwe by Fena Gitu you name it.

15. Kagwe Mungai.

Taurus Musik is one of the largest production houses signing up best artist, across East Africa the likes of Dela, Alicous Theluji, Lady Jay Dee. Kagwe Mungai is one versatile artist, who has been acknowledged as an in-house producer by Taurus Musik. He was the brains behind Nishike by Sauti Sol among other big hots that introduced him as an artist. He is trending with his latest hits Baas Baaas and Till The End, where he was the producer and artist. He is surely good at what he does.

16. Motif

Khaligraph Jones owns Blue Ink Studios and Motif is the main man that has bee producing all his latest hit songs.

17. Rajville 

This is another artist-producer who has proved to be one of the best producers in Kenya at the moment. Raj, as many of you know him singlehandedly produced his album dubbed B.A.E that some good jams. He worked with other Kenyan artistes such as Notiflow and Kahligraph in his Music Bank studio.



After working with Sauti Sol for a long while he decided to go out there and help other artists to make it in the entertainment industry. Did I mention that Cedo is very good with piano, and he is a devoured family man. He has worked with legendaries like Nyashinski, Avril.Let’s not go without showering him with accolades for the beautiful Malaiki song and Mungu Pekee, Aminia by Nyashinski, he did a good job.

19.  Madtraxx

Super producer, as he calls himself Madtraxx has lived to produce hits for the Kansoul and other musicians in Kenya together with Kid Kora.

20. Bizzy B – Produced most of Willy Paul hit songs.

Honourable mentions

  • Lucas Bikedo – Ogopa DJs
  • Clemo – Calif Records 
  • Tedd Josiah 

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