List of KEY Microfinance Bank Loan Products and Branches

Update: KEY Microfinance was acquired by LOLC. It is now trading as LOLC Kenya Microfinance Bank.

This is a list of KEY Microfinance branches and the loans products they offer. KEY Microfinance, formerly known as Remu Microfinance is one of the 13 licensed microfinance banks that has been in operation since 31st December 2010. The bank rebranded to KEY Microfinance in December 2018, a move that aimed to give it a national outlook. Its head office is located at Finance House along Loita Street in Nairobi. They have two branches in Meru and Maua.

KEY Microfinance Bank Loan Products

1. Working Capital Loan

This loan product is designed for business people and entrepreneurs operating Small and Medium-Sized business to meet their working capital needs.

2. LPO & Invoice Financing

The product is used to finance emerging short term financial needs and mainly targets business people who have purchase orders to service. It supports tendering and contract businesses.

3. Asset Financing Loan

This loan is designed to address the financial needs of business people who require assets for businesses or for personal use.

4. Boostika Personal Loan

The product targets clients with regular income and is used to finance their personal needs.

5. Group Loan

It targets clients who do not have collateral and is used for the provision of working capital and asset financing.

6. Insurance Premium Financing

The loan product provides Insurance premium financing for Motor vehicles and Stock Insurance.

7. Trade Finance

They offer bid bonds and performance guarantees. Bid bonds help you to get a contract by KEY Microfinance issuing the guarantee to assure the principal of your ability to deliver as stipulated in the contract. Performance Guarantees issued by KEY Microfinance provide assurance of fulfilling a particular contract.

8.  Agri-Business Loans

They target farmers who are in need of farming capital.

KEY Microfinance Bank Branches

1. KEY Microfinance Bank Head Office

Location: 14th floor, Finance House, Loita Street.

Contacts: +254724 449 288, +254733 553 555, 020 2214483

2. KEY Microfinance Bank Meru Branch

Location: Tom Mboya Street, Meru Town

Contacts: 06431-32760, 0737553555

3. KEY Microfinance Bank Maua Branch

Location: Maua Plaza, Maua Town

Contacts: 064-21000, 0737554557

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