List Of Kingdom Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Kingdom Sacco branches in Kenya. It is a deposit-taking Sacco founded and operated on biblical principles and values.

The Sacco was started in 1999 by the Life Reformation Church with the aim of improving the economic and social livelihood of its members. With an asset base of more than 1.86 billion, it is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya.

Kingdom Sacco Products & Services

(a). Loan Products

1. Business loan

A tailor-made loan facility suitable for business working capital and shorter financing requirements of a business.

2. Development loan

A comprehensive development finance option that focuses on providing personal and specialised services to meet clients’ specific needs such as the purchase of property and construction.

3. Personal loan

It is advanced to members with active FOSA accounts for purposes of purchasing assets, boosting business or for other developmental purposes.

4. Jijenge loan

This is a tailor-made loan facility suitable for securing business working capital and also shorter financing requirements for businesses. It is designed to finance needs such as LPO financing.

5. Emergency loan

It is a short term facility that seeks to offer solution to urgent and unexpected needs such as medical bills, funeral expenses, court fines and general response to natural calamities.

6. School fees loan

It is for the purpose of payment of school fees and related expenses.

7. Asset financing

The purpose of the loan is to finance acquisition of an asset.

(b). Savings solutions

The sacco offers the following savings solutions;

  • Monthly non-withdrawable deposits.
  • Mustard junior account.

(c). Front office services

  • Transactional accounts.
  • Cheque clearance.
  • Funds transfer.
  • Cheque book services.
  • Salary processing.
  • Salary account.
  • Youth heritage account.

(d). Alternative Banking Channel (ABC’s)

  • Mobile banking.
  • ATM and point of sale services.
  • Direct deposit at partner outlets.

(e). Investments

  • Fixed deposit accounts.
  • Call deposit account.
  • Ufalme housing.

List of Kingdom Sacco Branches in Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Empower House, Githurai 45, Thika Road.

Contacts: 0720 838 422, 0705 344 094.


2. Naivasha Branch

Location: Commercial Stores Building, Ground Floor, Moi Avenue/ Kariuki Chotara Road Junction.

Contact: 0703 736 681.


3. Nakuru Branch

Location: Dubai Shopping Centre Complex, 3rd Floor, Pandit Nehru Road.

Contact: 0701 059 350.


4. Mombasa Branch

Location: TSS Towers, 1st Floor, Nkurumah Road.

Contact: 0703 736 293.


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