List Of Largest Microfinance Banks In Kenya

This is a list of the largest microfinance banks in Kenya. There are 14 licensed microfinance banks in Kenya. The Central Bank Of Kenya has classified microfinance institutions in Kenya into three categories; large, medium, and small. This classification of the market share is based on a weighted composite index comprising assets, deposits, capital, number of active deposit accounts and active loan accounts.

According to CBK, a microfinance bank is classified as large if it has a market share of 5 percent and above; medium if it has a market share of between 1 percent and 5 percent and small if its market share is less than 1 percent. As of 2023, there are 4  large microfinance banks with an aggregate market share of 81.9 per cent, 7 medium microfinance banks with a combined market share of 16.4 per cent and 3 small microfinance banks.

Large Microfinance Banks In Kenya

Bank Market Share
1. Kenya Women Microfinance Bank 36.2%
2. Faulu Microfinance Bank 34.4%
3. Rafiki Microfinance Bank 6.2%
4. Caritas Microfinance Bank 5.1%

Medium Microfinance Banks In Kenya

Bank Market Share
1. SMEP Microfinance Bank 4.6%
2. Sumac Microfinance Bank 4.2%
3. U & I Microfinance Bank 2.1%
4. Branch Microfinance Bank 1.5%
5. Maisha Microfinance Bank 1.4%
6. Salaam Microfinance Bank 1.4%
7. LOLC Microfinance Bank 1.2%

Small Microfinance Banks In Kenya

Bank Market Share
1. Muungano Microfinance Bank 0.8%
2. Choice Microfinance Bank 0.5%
3. Daraja Microfinance Bank 0.4%

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