List Of Leading Salt Producers In Kenya

This is a list of leading salt producers in Kenya. Salt production generally has been dropping over the years mainly due to health concerns. It used to be a lucrative and booming business in Kenya a few years ago before the sudden change in tax demands by the government forced most of the production companies to scale down on production.

Here is a list of the major salt producers in Kenya.

1. Krystalline Salt Ltd

It is one of East Africa’s biggest and most progressive salt producer. It is renowned for its Kaysalt brand. The company’s refinery and packing hub are located along Malindi-Lamu Road in Gongoni and Marereni, about 20 kilometres from Malindi Town. It has distribution depots in Nairobi and Malaba.

Contacts: +254 721 530 102/ +254 2021 72074


2. Kensalt Ltd

It is also another leading salt manufacturer in East Africa, boasting of the biggest salt brand, Kensalt which is used in most domestic households. The company’s refinery is located in Malindi.

Contacts: +254 720 905 611/ +254 020 264 3851


3. Malindi Salt Works

It is a notable company located in Malindi. However, the company is currently battling with government authorities over tax arrears, a move that saw major operations at the company stall.

Location: Kingorani/Mwangeka Road, Malindi.

Contacts: +254 412494621

4. Tata Chemicals Magadi

It is Africa’s largest soda ash manufacturer and one of Kenya’s leading exporters. It is renowned for its tata salt brand and other livestock salt brands.

Location: Magadi

Contacts: +254 20 6999000


5. Kurawa Industries Ltd

Location: Malindi-Lamu Road, Kilifi County

Contacts: +254 4221 20765

6. Kemu Salt Works Ltd

It is also an operational salt producer located in Magarini Constituency, Kilifi County which is also home to other top salt producers in the country.

7. Mombasa Salt Works Ltd

It produces different brands of salt in refined and coarse form. The company’s leading brands include Mzuri, Kapesalt and Kapesalt premium which are all refined iodized table salts.

Contacts: +254 41 43 2005

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