List Of Licensed Collective Investment Schemes In Kenya

This article lists all licensed Collective Investment Schemes in Kenya. The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is the regulatory body in Kenya that oversees the approval and regulation of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS).

Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) are investment vehicles that pool the resources of many small savers, generating a large pool to invest in financial assets such as stocks, bonds, treasury bills, and real estate. This way, Collective Investment Schemes generate high returns while minimizing risks by diversifying their investments.

In Kenya, there are 35 licensed Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) that offer 130 investment funds. The most popular fund type is the money market fund, while other options include fixed-income funds, equity funds, and special funds.

List Of Licensed Collective Investment Schemes In Kenya

1. African Alliance Kenya Unit Trust Scheme 

  • African Alliance Kenya Money Market Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Fixed Income Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Managed Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Enhanced Yield Fund
2. British-American Unit Trust Scheme

  • British-American Money Market Fund
  • British-American Income Fund
  • British-American Balanced Fund
  • British-American Equity Fund
3. NCBA Unit Trust Funds

  • NCBA Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Equity Fund
  • NCBA Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (KES Fund
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (USD) Fund
4. Zimele Unit Trust Scheme

  • Zimele Balanced Fund
  • Zimele Money Market Fund
  • Zimele Fixed Income Fund
5. ICEA Unit Trust Scheme

  • ICEA Money Market Fund
  • ICEA Equity Fund
  • ICEA Balanced Fund
  • ICEA Bond Fund
6. Standard Investment Trust Funds

  • Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund
  • Standard Investment Fixed Income Fund
  • Standard Investment Balanced Fund
7. CIC Unit Trust Scheme

  • CIC Money Market Fund
  • CIC Balanced Fund
  • CIC Fixed Income Fund
  • CIC Equity Fund
  • CIC Wealth Fund
  • CIC Dollar Fund
8. Madison Unit Trust Fund

  • Madison Money Market Fund
  • Madison Fixed Income Fund
  • Madison Wealth Fund
9. Dyer and Blair Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dyer and Blair Diversified Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Bond Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Money Market Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Equity Fund
10. Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme

  • Amana Money Market Fund
  • Amana Balanced Fund
  • Amana Equity Fund
11. Diaspora Unit Trust Scheme

  • Diaspora Money Market Fund;
  • Diaspora Bond Fund; and
  • Diaspora Equity Fund
12. First Ethical Opportunities Fund
13. Genghis Unit Trust Funds

  • GenCap Hazina Fund (Bond Fund)
  • GenCap Eneza Fund (Diversified Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • GenCap Iman Fund (Shariah Compliant Fund)
  • GenCap Hisa Fund (Equity Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Imara Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • Gencap Eneza Imara Fund
  • Gencap Hisa Imara Fund
  • Gencap Iman Imara Fund
  • Gencap Fixed Income Fund
14. Mali Money Market Fund
15. Genghis Specialized Funds

  • Gencap NSE25 Index Tracker; and
  • Gencap Financial Services Fund.
16. Sanlam Unit Trust Scheme

  • Sanlam Money Market Fund (Sanlam Pesa Plus Fund)
  • Sanlam Dividend Plus Fund (Sanlam Faida Plus Fund)
  • Sanlam Balanced Fund (Sanlam Chama Plus Fund)
17. Nabo Africa Funds

  • Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
  • Nabo Africa Balanced Fund
  • Nabo Africa Fixed Income Fund
  • Nabo Africa Equity Fund
  • Nabo Capital Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Nabo Income Fund.
18. Old Mutual Unit Trust Scheme

  • Old Mutual Equity Fund
  • Old Mutual Money Market Fund
  • Old Mutual Balanced Fund
  • Old Mutual East Africa Fund
  • Old Mutual Bond Fund
19. Equity Investment Bank Collective Investment Scheme

  • Equity Investment Bank Money Market Fund
  • Equity Investment Bank Balanced Fund
20. Dry Associates Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (Kenya Shillings)
  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (US Dollars)
  • Dry Associates Balanced Fund (Kenya Shillings)
21. Co-op Trust Fund

  • Co-op Balanced Fund
  • Co-op Equity Fund
  • Co-op Bond Fund
  • Co-op Money Market Fund
  • Co-op Fixed Income Gratuity Fund
22. Apollo Unit Trust Scheme

  • Apollo Money Market Fund
  • Apollo Balanced Fund
  • Apollo Aggressive Growth Fund
  • Apollo Equity Fund
  • Apollo East Africa Fund
  • Apollo Bond Fund
23. Cytonn Unit Trust Scheme

  • Cytonn Money Market Fund
  • Cytonn Balanced Fund
  • Cytonn Equity Fund
  • Cytonn Africa Financial Services Fund
  • Cytonn Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Cytonn High Yield Fund
24. Orient Umbrella Collective Investment Scheme (formerly Alphafrica Umbrella

  • Orient Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund (formerly Alphafrica Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund); and
  • Orient Kasha Money Market Fund (formerly Alphafrica Kasha Money Market Fund)
25. Wanafunzi Investment Unit Trust Fund
26. Absa Unit Trust Funds

  • Absa Balanced Fund
  • Absa Bond Fund
  • Absa Dollar Money Market Fund
  • Absa Equity Fund
  • Absa Shilling Money Market Fund
27. Jaza Unit Trust Fund

  • Boda Riders Money Market Fund
28. Masaru Unit Trust Scheme 

  • Masaru Wealth Management Fund
  • Masaru Money Market Fund
29. ADAM Unit Trust Scheme

  • ADAM Balanced Fund
  • ADAM Equities Fund
  • ADAM Fixed Income Fund
  • ADAM Money Market Fund
30. KCB Unit Trust Scheme (formerly Natbank Unit Trust Scheme)

  • KCB Money Market Fund (Kes) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund)
  • KCB Fixed Income Fund (formerly Natbank Fixed Income Fund)
  • KCB Balanced Fund (formerly Natbank Balanced Fund)
  • KCB Equity Fund (formerly Natbank Equity Fund)
  • KCB Money Market Fund (USD) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund (USD)
31. GenAfrica Unit Trust Scheme

  • GenAfrica Money Market Fund
  • GenAfrica Equity Fund
  • GenAfrica Fixed Income Fund
32. Amaka Unit Trust (Umbrella) Scheme

  • Amaka HOSP Fixed Income Fund
  • Amaka Qualified Investor Tenant Purchase Scheme Fund
33. Jubilee Unit Trust Collective Investment Scheme

  • Jubilee Balanced Fund
  • Jubilee Equity Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income KES) Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income (USD) Fund
  • Jubilee Money Market Fund
34. Enwealth Capital Unit Trust Scheme

  • Enwealth Balanced Fund
  • Enwealth Equity Fund
  • Enwealth Money Market Fund
35. Kuza Asset Management Unit Trust Scheme

  • Kuza Fixed Income Fund
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (KES)
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Kuza Momentum Fund

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) Contacts

Head office: Embankment Plaza, 3rd Floor, Longonot Road, off Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upperhill, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 722 207767, +254 20 2264000


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