List of Linda Mama Hospitals in Marsabit County

This article highlights Linda Mama hospitals in Marsabit County. The NHIF Linda Mama program was launched to improve access and quality of maternal care in Kenya. Pregnant women who are Kenyan Citizens are eligible to be Linda Mama members for free maternal services.

Linda Mama provides cover for four visits of antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, conditions and complications during pregnancy and infant care for a period of one year.

Pregnant mothers in Marsabit County can access free maternal care at the Linda Mama hospitals listed below.

List of Linda Mama Hospitals in Marsabit County

  Hospital NHIF Branch
1. Afya Nursing Home Moyale Moyale
2. Ismc Services Hospital Marsabit
3. Moyale Nursing Home Moyale
4. Sololo Mission Hospital Sololovia Moyale
5. Taqwa Nursing Home Moyale

NHIF Contacts

Phone: 0800 720 601, 020 22723255, 0202714793, 0202722527


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