List Of Livestock Breeders In Kenya

This is a list of livestock breeders in Kenya. Livestock breeding entails selective mating of animals with similar or desirable genetic traits to enhance such traits in future generations. It may also be to yield products such as milk, meat or eggs.

Here is a list of some of the best livestock breeders in Kenya.

1. Fleckvieh Genetics Ltd

It is a top animal breeding company that offers services such as artificial insemination, herd evaluation, educative farm visits, farmers education, importation and distribution of bull semen.

Location: Karen Hardy, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 712 095 555


2. Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre

The organisation plays a leading role in improving the productivity of livestock products through the provision of high-quality genetic material for local and export consumption.

Location: Lower Kabete, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 020 2064018

3. Boran Cattle Breeders Society

The society has mainly been dedicated to improving and developing the Boran breed of cattle for more than a decade.

Contacts: +254 723 456 789


4. Kenya Livestock Breeders Organisation

It is an independent farmers body that was formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeding and improvement in Kenya.

Location: Showground Road, Nakuru

Contacts: +254 702 251 249

5. Mazao Yetu Ltd

Location: Koru, Kisumu County

Contacts: +254 722 754 664


6. Meru Goat Breeders

Location: Meru Town

Contacts: +254 721 259 773/ +254 725 200 737


7. Ayrshire Cattle Breeders

Location: Nakuru

Contacts: +254 722 874 095


8. Farmers Choice

Farmers Choice was established in 1980 to sell fresh and processed pork products. It has widened its services into pig production using the latest farming technologies. The company has several branches spread across major towns in Kenya.

Contacts: +254 722 331 706/ +254 733 570 435


9. Kenchic Limited

Location: (Head Office) Enterprise Road, Opposite Kobil Petrol Station

Contacts: +254 722 202 163/ +254 734 600 204


10. Muguku Poultry Farm

Location: Kikuyu- Nderi Road, Kikuyu Town

Contacts: +254 724 266 087


11.  Amboni Dairy Farm

Location: Mweiga, Central, Kenya.

Contacts: 0728514594, 0735062605

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