List Of Lush And Affordable Garden Venues For Weddings In And Around Nairobi

This is a list of the best lush and affordable gardens for weddings in and around Nairobi.  In earlier articles, I have written how the venue of a wedding is paramount as far as the wedding is concerned. Every person who is wedding wants just the perfect and most serene place to hold the wedding ceremony. Many of these garden venues have the right serene ambience.

Their lush gardens nestled in an enclave of greenery offer complete privacy and idyllic seclusion offering a perfect blend of beauty, luscious gardens, and undeniable ambience all at the same time. These gardens are not only for weddings but can also be used for special events and parties, corporate functions and meetings and even team building and retreats. Most gardens within the city are just off many people’s pockets because of their high prices but the list below has some of the cheapest garden venues in and around Nairobi.

Here are some of the pocket-friendly garden venues for weddings in and around Nairobi.

1. Enkishon Gardens

Enkishon Gardens is a private garden venue perfect for any wedding or event. Their gardens are located in Limuru.

Their grounds can be used for;

  • Weddings and Receptions

  • Special Events and Parties

  • Corporate Functions and Meetings

  • Team Building and Retreats

Reach through to them through their website or through


Contact: 0798 568 666

2. Oakridge Gardens

Located in Tigoni, Oakridge gardens is perfect for hosting weddings, wedding receptions, parties and even corporate functions and meetings.

Contact: 0720927784

3. Swatch Place

Located along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway Rironi opposite Delta Petrol Station and approximately 30kms from Nairobi City Centre, Swatch Place offers lush green gardens, making it ideal for Weddings, WeddingReception, Photoshoots, team building, weekend getaways, Outdoor activities, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, luncheon and even pre-graduation ceremonies.
Contact:  0727688399.

4. Kentmere Gardens

Also known as “The Hidden Gem”, Kentmere Gardens is located in Tigoni and it offers beautiful and expansive gardens  which are tranquil and beautiful for outdoors weddings


5. Fuchsia Garden

Located in Riara Ridge Limuru, approximately 25kms from Village market, Fuchsia Garden is set amid a stunningly manicured landscape and boasts of spectacular views of Limuru tea plantations and exquisite views of the Ngong Hills offering a unique and picturesque atmosphere sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for any occasion you will attend there.

Fuchsia Gardens have a staggering 20 years experience in planning and organizing weddings and other major events. Their garden is ideal for weddings, team building and outdoor events.

Contact:  0733836459
6. Wadi Gardens 
Wadi Gardens is located along Thika-Garissa road, just 4kms past fourteen falls and it boasts of well-manicured gardens
perfect for weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties or just any event.

Contact; 0728820445

7. Brookhaven Gardens

Brookhaven Gardens is one of the best wedding venues around complete with additional wedding Packages to include more than just space.
They are ideal for Weddings, WeddingReception, Photoshoots, team building, weekend getaways and even  Outdoor activities

Contact: 0711741666 / 0704741666

8. Seagull Coffee Gardens 
Seagull gardens are ideal for weddings,after graduation parties,food services,birthday parties and other outdoor ceremonies.
Contact: 0701 171111
9. Nashepa Gardens 
Nashepa Gardens is located in lower Matasia and it is a beautiful location for weddings and other outdoor events
Contact: +254-791-578666 / +254-732-228803
10. Mirema Gardens 
Mirema Gardens is absolutely ideal for weddings, wedding receptions, family get-togethers, team building, and general
outdoor events.
Contact: 0710 186532
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