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List of Luxury Buses Operating From Nairobi To Kampala

This is a list of luxury buses operating from Nairobi to Kampala. Long journeys are exhausting especially if the mode of transport is miserable. Comfort and luxury are very important when travelling long distances.

Buses with enough and wide legroom, seats which can tilt back and forth and are very comfortable when sleeping for a long time. Charging ports, refreshments, wifi connection, enough safety measures and air conditioners are the type of perfect buses for long-distance travels.

A journey from Nairobi to Kampala takes approximately 11-14 hours and that’s quite a long time to be on the road, thus, it requires luxury and comfortability to avoid extreme exhaustion.  Below are some of the luxury buses that ply the Nairobi – Kampala route, with their price, duration, and even frequency.

1. Modern Coast Coaches 

Modern Coast Coaches Ltd is a luxury coach company incorporated on 26th May 2007 operating within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Modern Coast Coaches is one of the most recognised luxury bus companies operating in the region. The company has over 50 branches in Kenya, 5 branches in Uganda, 7 branches in Tanzania and one branch in Rwanda. Modern Coast Coaches go to Kampala around two times daily; two coaches one way. They take an estimated 11 hours and 40 mins and charge according to the type of bus booked and depending on the actual date of travel. The Oxygen Touring, for example, charges Ksh 3100 from Nairobi to Kampala. Online booking can be done on their website.

Contact:+254 709 897 000


2. Mash East Africa

Mash bus services Limited as it was formerly known changed its name to Mash East Africa as a broader aspect that has seen the company expanding its wings to all corners of the Republic of Kenya and Kampala in Uganda. They are one of the top luxury buses for long distances considering that they have VIP treatment, onboard wifi, power outlets and extra legroom for travellers to stretch freely throughout the journey. They make at least a trip daily from 5:00 AM to 7:30 AM to Kampala and charge Ksh 3500 for VIP seats, Ksh 2000 and Ksh 2400 for business and normal class respectively from Nairobi to Kampala. You can as well book online here

Contact: info@mashpoa.com

3. The Guardian Coach

If you have travelled using Guardian Angel before, then you can bear me witness that they are pure luxury and bliss to travel with and they give the best services just what you paid for. They have comfortable seats and even power outlets to keep you plugged into power throughout the whole Journey. They charge Ksh 2000 from Nairobi to Kampala and you can book online at the Guardian Angel website

Contacts: 0722221290


Ticket management – 0718880256

4. Easy Coach

Listed as one of Kenya’s Top 100 Midsized Companies and the Best Maintained (PSV) Company in East Africa, Easy coach is no visitor in the industry. They have been around for quite some time and have never failed. They offer comfort, luxury and affordability all in one plate. They charge Ksh 2500 from Nairobi to Kampala for both day and night travel.

Contacts: 0738200301, 0726354301, 0202210711,  0202210712 (fax)

5. Dreamline Express 

Dreamline too has the best luxury buses for long distance. They also have power outlets, onboard wifi and extra legroom complete with VIP treatment. They charge Ksh 2,200 for VIP, Ksh 1,900 for business class and Ksh 1,700 for the normal class. Online booking can also be done on their website

Contact: 0716000100/ 0702444422


6. Simba Coach

Simba Coach Ltd is one of the largest bus companies in East Africa as it operates in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda with the largest fleet of buses on the roads.

Their buses are very comfortable and luxurious and absolutely ideal for long distance travel.

Contact: 0710 294475

7. Tahmeed Coach 

Tahmeed is one of the best buses to use when travelling for long distances. It is aggressively luxurious, audaciously comfortable and gives you a run for your money. You get to pay Ksh 2,200 from Nairobi to Kampala and you can as well as book for your ticket at their online ticket booking portal

Contact: 0729356561/ 0735356561

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