List Of Major Award Shows In Kenya

This is a list of all major award shows In Kenya as of 2018. Kenya like other countries has its own awards aimed at motivating and rewarding hard work, excellence or even creativity. Just like the prestigious Oscar, we see on our screens yearly to the famed BET, Emmy, and even the Academy Awards to name just but a few, we also have our own awards which range from the music industry, fashion industry, banking industry and even in the film industry.

Although some of the awards like Kisima, CHAT and East Africa Music Awards had a short life and went under with no signs of being revived, they helped a great deal in recognizing and appreciating great talent. Sponsorship is usually absolutely vital for such awards to run yearly.

Some of the awards which have been around for some time now are The Groove Awards, Kalasha Awards and Xtreem Awards.

Here are some of the major awards which are still up and running each and every year in Kenya.[docxpresso file=”” comments=”true”]N/B: The dates these awards are held may change anytime considering factors like funds, sponsors, venues, clashing dates e.t.c

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