List Of Major Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Used By Kenyans

In a recent survey, it was established that most Kenyans are unhappy with the high cost of getting justice in the formal systems and the ever sluggish court processes. As a result of this disappointment from what many thought could help them when they needed it most, many Kenyans have turned to criminal gangs who resolve disputes faster and at a very cheap price of as low as Ksh 47 as compared to a whooping highest payment of Ksh 58,849 paid to primary organisations or persons to help resolve a dispute.

Many Kenyans have lost faith in the formal system because of its slow pace and because it has been marred by corruption hence a traditional leader or elder is a better option for people to go to for dispute solving than courts. Here is a look at major dispute resolution mechanisms used by many Kenyans and at which rate.

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John Nyabuto

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