List Of Marketable IT Courses In Kenya

This is a list of marketable IT courses in Kenya. IT is a diverse field with a lot of lucrative opportunities. Our day to day activities revolves around technology. With a course in IT, be guaranteed of a job opportunity in the private or public sector.

Here is a list of marketable IT courses in Kenya.

1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the marketable IT courses to study in Kenya. Most businesses in the country face the headache of cybercrimes, which can only be solved by cyber security experts. Cybersecurity experts help to seel loopholes and evolve cyber security threats.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are one of the most sought after individuals in the online marketing space. They mainly market or promote products and services online, through various channels such as websites, social media sites etc.

3. Software, Web Design & Development

This is a field of IT that equips one with the necessary skills to work as a software developer, mobile app developer and web developer. There are a lot of opportunities for experts in this field.

4. Programming/Coding

Programming/ coding involves feeding instructions to computers or devices. It may involve the use of programming languages such as; Python, JavaScript, PHP etc. It’s quite a tough field but very rewarding.

5. Data Science

This is quite a tough course that requires one to be good at numbers. The course has a lot of opportunities, especially for organisations that heavily rely on structured data to perform tasks.

6. Graphic Design

This is a very marketable course in the general field of IT. Upon completion of the course, be guaranteed of a good flow of jobs. You can also opt to offer your services independently, as long as you market yourself well. You will get a good number of clients.

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is also a marketable field of IT. It involves the delivery of computing services such as storage databases, servers, networks, analytics and many more.

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