List Of Marsabit County Government Ministers (CECs) 2021

This is a list of Marsabit County Government ministers (CECs) as of 2021. Marsabit County is headed by Governor Mohamud Mohamed Ali.

Marsabit county government structure consists of 10 County Executive Committee members as listed below.

Marsabit County Government Ministers (CECs) 2021

Ministry Minister (CEC)
1 Education, Skills, Development, Youth & Sports​​ Umuro Roba Godana
2 Finance & Economic Planning​​ Malicha Boru
3 Transport, Roads, Housing & Public Works​​ Lemereyan Timado
4 Health Services​​ Jama Wolde
5 Administration, Coordination of County Affairs & ICT Amina Chala
6 Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries Development​​ Mohamed Omari Ahmed
7 Tourism, Culture & Social Services Kulamo Bullo Ikimire
8 Trade, Industry & Enterprise Development Hussein Ali Abdi
9 Water, Environment & Natural Resources Development Adan Kanano
10 Lands, Energy & Urban Development Hawo Shanko Abdullahi


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