List Of Meat Processing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of meat processing companies in Kenya. Kenya has very few meat processing companies that produce quality meat products for the local and international markets.

Here is a list of meat processing companies in Kenya.

1. Quality Meat Packers

Quality Meat Packers is one of the country’s leading processors of quality meat products for the home markets and exports. The company has a production plant that is equipped to de-bone and process up to 100 tons of products per shift.

Location: Kangundo Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 610 044.


2. Kenya Meat Commission

KMC is a fully integrated meat processor whose strength lies in the unrivalled efficiency of its meat processing plant, along with its ability to process high volumes of quality meat in line with customer tastes and preferences.

Location: Athi River.

Contacts: 0792 005 653, 020 242 4051.


3. Kenya Meat Processors Ltd

The company processes meat by way of sorting, de-boning, portioning, packaging and delivery.

Contacts: 0722 774 839, 0704 754 707.


4. Choice Meats

Choice Meats is dedicated to producing and delivering the best Halal meat to all customers, both locally and internationally.

Location: Off Kamiti Road, Kahawa West, Nairobi.

Contact: 0701 561 873.


5. East Meat Supplies Ltd

They are leading producers and processors of indigenous chicken and beef in East Africa.

Contact: 0790 391 447.

6. Kenmeat

Kenmeat is the largest slaughterhouse and meat processing facility in Eastern and Central Africa. It offers a wide range of raw meat products, processed meat and offal.

Location: Mara Road, Athi River.

Contacts: 0726 620 154, 0729 319 650.


7. Kenchic

Kenchic breeds and processes the highest quality chicken meat for retail, fast foods, catering and economy segments of the market.

Contacts: 0722 202 163, 0734 600 204.


8. Farmers Choice

Farmers Choice is a leading producer of fresh and processed meat, with an emphasis at all times being on quality assurance, staff morale and customer satisfaction.

Location: Kahawa West, Nairobi.

Contact: 0724 099 562.

9. Neema Livestock & Slaughtering Investments Limited

It is one of the largest meat processing companies in Kenya and is highly regarded as ethical and quality beef, goat and lamb supplier in the country.

Location: Lucky Summer Estate, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0721 589 216, 0772 708 440.


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