List of Mobile Car Wash Service Providers in Kenya 

This is a list of mobile car wash service providers in Kenya. On-demand or mobile car wash and detailing companies allow users to book/schedule a wash in minutes using a mobile app or website. Taking your car for a wash can be time-consuming, especially for someone with a busy life. A mobile car wash service provider can come in handy and take care of washing your car hassle-free.

Once you book a wash, most mobile car wash service providers arrive, pick up the car keys and place the car on a proprietary mat to save the water for recycling and then carry out the service you selected. After the service is complete, customers are alerted, keys returned and payments made. 

Despite majorly being in Nairobi County, many Mobile car wash service providers are spreading roots across the country and reaching more clients. 

Here is a list of mobile car wash service providers in Kenya.

1. Presha Wash

Presha wash literally brings the car wash to you anytime you need it at the press of a button. Their app, PreshaWash, is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. While using the app, you must first add the vehicle name, vehicle brand, vehicle type, license plate number, colour and then submit it to be registered. 

You can then proceed to request a mobile car wash and get an option to choose between different services, the amount charged for each service, and the time taken. You get your car all cleaned up without breaking a sweat. 

Contact: 0708 420165

2. Wash Me Please Mobile Car Wash

Wash Me Please is an eco-friendly mobile car wash that offers all carwash and detailing services at your preferred location and time. Personalized door service on the app saves clients time while the use of eco-friendly platforms like steam and electric pumps helps reduce the impact on the environment. 

They offer services like full body detailing, engine wash, rim restoration, headlight restoration, carpet cleaning, interior wash, vacuuming, buffing, watermark removal, upholstery cleaning, splash and dash, and parking cleaning. All these services can be booked on the Wash Me Please app and you get to pay once the car is clean. 

Contact: +254 11222220


3. Karen Mobile car wash

With a base in Starehe, Karen Mobile Car Wash is just a call away. They offer carpet cleaning, interior wash, full-body detailing, buffing, and even vacuuming at whichever place you are in Nairobi. Karen Mobile Car Wash is open every day from 6:30 am – to 8:00 pm.

Contact: 0715 852387

4. A1 Auto Carwash and Detailing

A1 Auto Carwash is one of the best mobile car wash and detailing service providers in Nairobi. They serve clients who are within 10km of their main base in Kilimani. Some of the services they offer and their charges are; 

  • Express

Clients get an exterior wash, a deep interior wash, and vacuuming, window and doorjambs cleaning, and seat wipe down. Saloon cars pay Ksh 600, medium SUVs Ksh 800, and large SUVs Ksh 1000 for this service which takes roughly 40-50 minutes.

  • Delux

A client’s car gets an exterior foam wash, deep interior vacuum wash and detailing, cleaning of all glasses, dashboard polish application, and rims and tyres cleaning and detailing. Saloon cars pay Ksh 2000, medium SUVs pay Ksh2500 and large SUVs pay Ksh 3000 for this service which takes roughly 1.5 – 2 hours.

  • Supreme

A client’s car gets a complete exterior foam wash and detailing, application of high-end Carnuba wax, dash-board polish application, rims and tyres cleaning and detailing, deep interior steam vacuum wash and detailing, engine steam wash and detailing, leather treatment if applicable, and cleaning of all glasses. Saloon cars pay Ksh 4500, medium SUVs pay Ksh 5000 and large SUVs pay Ksh 5500 for this service which takes roughly 3.5 – 4 hours.

Some other services offered by A1 Auto car wash and detailing are engine steam wash and detailing which costs Ksh 2500 for all vehicles and takes around 45 minutes. Watermark removal for all vehicles costs Ksh 2000 and takes 35 minutes. 

Contact: 0797 790 004

5. Hippos Auto Spa

Hippos is Kenya’s first dry steam detailing company that has since revolutionized the car detailing industry. Hippos Auto Spa offers services such as interior detailing, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, watermark removal, rim cleaning, polishing, and buffing. 

You can book a mobile car wash on Hippos’website and get the pricing for each service. 

Location: Academy Road, Karen.

Contact: 0710-256-557

6. Magic Mobile Car Wash

Magic Mobile is an eco-friendly car wash that offers exceptional mobile car cleaning services at an affordable price at your preferred location. They use the steam washing machine technique for both exterior and interior cleaning of vehicles which is eco-friendly. Based in Parklands, Magic Mobile Car Wash covers places in Nairobi within 15km of the CBD for mobile car washing services. 

Magic Mobile Car Wash offers services such as exterior steam wash of body and door jambs, exterior express hand waxing for shine and paint protection, tires and rims cleaning and dressing, full interior vacuum including boot/trunk, steam cleaning of floors and mats, steam cleaning leather and fabric seats, wiping down all interior plastics and dashboard and applying protectants. Home or office charges for the mobile car wash service are as follows, Saloon cars pay Ksh 6500, medium SUVs pay Ksh 7500 and large SUVs pay Ksh 8500.

Location: Parklands, Nairobi

Contact: 0712899495

7. Geowash Kenya

Geowash Kenya is a mobile car wash company that has specialized in the eco-friendly car wash and detailing business. With licensees in more than 30 countries and more than 20 years of experience, Geowash has many years of experience and a global presence.

Geowash Kenya works with attractive and compact washing carts which means they can literally wash your car anywhere no matter the available space. Each unit is operated by one person and the average service time is 25 minutes; including quick wax.


8. Midas Auto Services & Mobile Car Wash 

Midas offers an on-demand mobile car wash service. They come to your home or workplace and clean your car spotless. This offers you choice and flexibility as to when and where you would like your car to be cleaned.

Location: Repen Complex Katani Road, Off Mombasa Road.

Contact: +254 722 870 527 / +254 731 815 976


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