Top 10 Best Kenyan Modeling Agencies

If you’re looking to make it as a model, Nairobi is the place to be. As one of the region’s biggest fashion capitals, the city has a major influence on international fashions trends. It’s home to many of the best fashion events, designers, garment manufacturers, fashion colleges, and, of course, modeling agencies!

No matter how much (or how little!) experience you have as a model, you can find your perfect agency in Nairobi. Just remember that modeling is not a one-size-fits-all industry and that it’s not always best to go after the biggest and most popular agencies.

The larger and more well-known agencies do have impressive track records, but smaller boutique agencies are often better for new models, as they can give you the individualized attention you need to further your career. Here are 10 of the top modeling agencies in Kenya worth checking out.

1. Versatile Model and Talent Kenya

They offer modeling opportunities for various age groups. Located in Phoenix House along Kenyatta Avenue, they provide modeling and acting opportunities for those seeking a career in modeling. This agency has a network of various clienteles that are big players in advertising different products. They also provide actors, main principals, and extras for commercials and films.

2. City Models Africa

It is Africa’s first international modeling agency and was established by City Model Paris and the perhaps arguably Kenya’s most famous model, Ajuma Nasenyana. They offer world-class training and casting to their models which ensure that they provide their clients with a highly professional services range. They are located along Apple Cross Road in Nairobi and give their models a direct chance to ‘ Catwalk to Paris’ international feature.

3. Eyez Modelling

It is currently one of the leading Kenyan modeling brands in the coast region. They provide a wide range of talent in various ages. They launched in 2011, and they have been holding mentored more than 150 models in Television, Runway, Print and Film categories. They have provided models for various commercials in Kenya.

4. Surazuri

Established in 1987, it’s one of the country’s leading pioneers in the model industry. It has since then been bridging it’s models to various international opportunities notable among them being Tess Njuhi, Eva Ndachi, and even Ajuma Nasenyana. It offers models and actors spots and opportunities in branding and various commercials. They have been documented in various international documentaries such National Geographic for their outstanding work.

5. Tausi

Located in Thika, Tausi is a top agency that offers its models a grand opportunity to showcase by bringing out the best in them. Providing high-quality training opportunities and mentoring for prospective models, it gives them numerous chances and outlooks into making a career out of their talents. Their clients mainly consist of TV commercials, print media, and other adverts.

6. Msafi Modeling Agency

It has branches in both Nairobi and Mombasa and was established in 2011. It has been a solutions provider in the Kenyan modeling industry since then, offering competitive training and mentoring solution to aspiring models and top-notch services for its clients. It recruits models for TV commercials, print and acting roles in product adverts.

7. Eactive Group

This is a marketing company that operates in the East African region as a whole. This gives its models a wide scope of opportunities to expand and grow their talents since it provides a glimpse on how they can compete at a regional level. It trains models to work in various fields including catwalks and advertising.

8. Bicfest Modelling

Based in both Nairobi and Mombasa, Bicfest is one of the top modeling agencies in Kenya that offers personalized modeling services. They recruit and provide models of different ages ranging from the young and even to the elder ones. It has a full booking service that offers a range of solutions depending on the client’s needs. Their clientele includes the entertainment and advertisement industry.

9. Tianar Models

Located in Nanyuki, Tiana Models is an agency that has set itself apart from the rest. Using beauty with a cause slogan as it’s driving force, it has managed to use this uniqueness to come out as a top Kenyan modeling agency. It’s deeply rooted in environmental causes and instills this into it’s models. It offers various services including all-around events management and providing highly skilled models for different clientele needs.

10. Aftermath

With over ten years experience in the modeling scene, Aftermath has become a top name in the fashion industry. They offer a mature scope on how to effectively navigate through modeling as a career for their models and provides their clients with a top of the range services to meet their needs. Well, there you go. Choose one of these top modeling agencies in Kenya to kick-start your modeling career. When invited for auditions, take into account what to wear to a modeling audition for higher chances of approval. Good luck!

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