List Of Most Profitable Horticultural Crops In Kenya

This is a list of the most profitable horticultural crops in Kenya. Horticulture is one of the leading agricultural sub-sectors that greatly contributes to the growth of the Kenyan economy. Horticultural products are the leading foreign exchange earners in Kenya.

Here is a list of the most profitable horticultural crops in Kenya.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most profitable horticultural crops to grow in Kenya. The best breed of tomato one can grow is Anna F1 which produces over 30 tonnes per acre. This particular breed takes minimal time to mature. Despite being a profitable venture, it requires one to have extensive knowledge of how to cultivate his/her farm to yield maximum returns.

2. Garlic

It is a high-value crop that adds a unique flavour to food. It is also rich in nutrients that have health benefits. It takes about 6 months to be ready for harvest. A well-cultivated 1/4 acre of land can produce about 2.5 tons of garlic which retails at Kshs. 150 per kg in the local market.

3. Flowers

Certain types of flowers such as roses have a ready demand in the international market. One can particularly grow such types of flowers with the motive of selling them in the international market, through various proxies located within the country.

4. Cabbage

It is also another favourite vegetable in most Kenyan households. Cabbages generally take two months to mature. One acre of land can hold about 19,000 cabbages, which translates to a profit of about half a million shillings if one properly cultivates his/her land and effectively controls pests and diseases.

5. Onions

Onions have a high demand in the local markets as it is commonly used as a food flavour or additive. They take about three months to be ready for harvest. This implies that a good farmer can harvest the crop 3 times a year. The best variety to grow is the F1 which produces about 23 tonnes in a hectare of land.

6. Spinach

Spinach is rich in nutritional contents. It is not a common type of vegetable in most households. It is fairly expensive in the local markets. However, it is one crop that you can grow and yield maximum returns and profits with a ready market.

7. Kale (Sukumawiki)

Kale is undoubtedly one of the most common vegetables in most Kenyan households. This means that it has a high demand in the market. It is one of the easiest and profitable vegetable to grow in Kenya. It can guarantee you harvests of up to 5 months if you harvest weekly.

8. Passion Fruit

It is one of Kenya’s main fruit exports. The main types of passion fruits grown in Kenya are the purple and yellow varieties. Passion fruits have a ready market, both local and international market. Passion fruits retail at Kshs 40 to 100 per kg in the local markets, while those meant for export retail at Kshs 70 to 100 per kg.

9. Lettuce

It is a very nutritious vegetable that has great yields if properly grown. Lettuce is rich in Vitamin C and dietary fibre. One head of lettuce broccoli retails at between Kshs 70 to 100 in the local Kenyan markets.

10. Dania

Dania is commonly used as a food flavour in most Kenyan households. This implies that it has a high demand in the markets. Dania seeds worth Kshs. 1000 can generate profits of up to Kshs 40,000 within 1 to 2 months.

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