List Of Most Profitable Items To Import From China To Kenya

This is a list of the most profitable items to import from China to Kenya. Kenya is one of the biggest African markets for Chinese goods. There is a huge demand for Chinese products in the local markets. This explains why a lot of goods are imported from China on almost a daily basis.

Here is a list of the most profitable items to import from China to Kenya.

1. Electronics

Electronics are definitely the most common appliances in almost every household in Kenya. Interestingly, most of the products or electronics are made/ produced in China. They have a high demand in the African market.

2. Pharmaceutical Products

There is a high demand for pharmaceutical products not only in Kenya but in the rest of the world. The local production is not sufficient to meet the growing demand. Most businessmen/importers consider the opportunity as China has better offers compared to other produces.

3. Automotive Products

Most automotive products such as motor vehicle spare parts, tools and machinery are imported from China. They are preferred in the Kenyan market due to their relatively low prices compared to products from other manufacturers.

4. Diapers

The local production of diapers in the country is not sustainable to meet the high demand. Diapers business is currently booming in Kenya. This is a venture that you can reap big if you opt to import cheap products from China in bulk.

5. Food

China is a production powerhouse that manufactures quality foods that the local industries may not be able to match. This includes foods such as rice and sugar. You can take a deep analysis of the local market and identify the best foods to import from China.

6. Clothing

Clothing is one the basic needs for everyone. We definitely can’t run day to day activities without clothing. The demand for clothing, particular cheap and quality clothing is quite high in the local markets. You can venture into importing clothing and textile from China as their prices are relatively low. However, you will need to adhere to the restrictions and regulations by the Kenyan government, aimed at protecting the local textile manufacturing industry.

7. Beauty Products

There is a ready market for beauty products in Kenya, particularly makeup, skincare, hair and hair products. To earn maximum profit, it is advisable to focus on a specific product and work on establishing and maintaining a good customer base.

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