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List Of Most Romantic Hotels in Europe

This is a list of most romantic hotels in Europe. These hotels have been voted by travellers around the world as the top destinations for lovers. Whether you are going for a honeymoon, proposal or even an anniversary, be sure you will create unforgettable memories at the hotels we’ve listed below.

1.Corinthia Hotel

London, Britain.

Nearly 488 million dollars was spent on the acquisition and restoration of the former headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, which was located in a large building south of Trafalgar Square. Now, it’s a luxury hotel with 294 rooms, including seven two-story luxury apartments and a royal apartment with its own wine cellar and a cinema. If, for some reason, you decide not to book a room in this hotel, visit at least one of its restaurants – Massimo Fish Restaurant or a restaurant where all dishes are prepared only from organic products – Northall.


2.Mandarin Oriental

Paris, France.
In the very heart of the city, two steps away from the Louvre, in the middle of the streets full of high-end fashion stores, a stylish and elegant hotel with 138 rooms, owned by the famous Mandarin Oriental chain, opened its doors. The best designers worked on every nuance of this project, and the result exceeded all expectations: the unobtrusive features of it are harmoniously combined with the modern fashionable architectural trends. This eclectic style can be traced throughout the whole establishment, from rooms to halls and the gastronomic restaurant that is becoming quite popular. If you are interested in hotels all over the world, check out www.hotelnewsnow.com. You won’t be disappointed.



Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The architects decided to take a bold step – they completely changed the look of the old house, where a conservatory was located a century ago. Each room is furnished with stylish Italian furniture and is equipped with different wonders – all sorts of sensors, sound absorption systems, huge LCD panels, etc. At the same time, the building has preserved the most beautiful details, such as hand-painted tiles and inlaid stone floors. Pleasant bonuses for guests are a huge swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a yoga studio, and a spa.

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4. Hôtel Le Bristol

Paris, France
Not long ago, magnificent Hôtel Le Bristol was opened after the restoration in Paris. The hotel is located in a respectable 8th district. After the most complicated renovation (costing 130 million dollars), the palace hotel was transformed; however, rare 19th-century paintings and gilded ceilings created in 1925 were preserved. In addition to luxurious rooms, guests can use La Prairie spa-center (working with the same luxury cosmetics), and Epicure restaurant, which received three Michelin stars. A wrought-iron elevator will lift the dearest guests into a giant panoramic apartment, which many of us have already seen in Woody Alain’s Midnight in Paris. The hotel business is a fascinating industry which may interest you for many reasons.



Bodrum, Turkey
This year, everyone who is going to spend time on the picturesque Anatolian coast of Turkey is getting a wonderful gift: in December, a new beautiful hotel opened near Bodrum. It is located in the middle of hills covered with olive groves and pine forests above the azure bay of the Aegean Sea. The spacious apartments have coal fireplaces and luxurious bathrooms. Private pools are located on the lawn in front of the apartments. However, those, who are going to spend the night in a hotel and spend all day on the beach, should look for another place: it’s a pretty long road from Amanruya to the beach, to be honest.


6.  45 Park Lane

London, Britain.
You would never be able to tell that this is a hotel: no traditional counter at the reception, no signs – nothing! Yet nevertheless, inside, 45 rooms wait for you, decorated in the style of refined, quiet, and restrained luxury: they have a lot of wooden parts, panoramic windows, huge plasma panels, and spacious bathrooms decorated with noble marble. The only drawback of this hotel is that sockets in the rooms are inconveniently located: sometimes it is difficult to plug something into them.