List Of Muki Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Muki Sacco branches in Kenya. Muki Sacco is a deposit-taking Sacco that has been in operation since 1990. With an asset base of 1.22 billion, it is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya.

Initially, the society drew its membership from dairy farmers. Subsequently, the Sacco opened its common bond to allow members from other areas like agribusiness, SMEs, salaried people, chamas, investments groups, institutions like churches, schools etc.

Becoming a member of the Sacco is easy. They have three categories each designed to meet your financial needs, i.e as an individual, corporate or as a group.

Muki Sacco Products

Loan Products

The Sacco’s credit facilities are diverse giving every member an opportunity to acquire cheap, affordable and convenient sources of finance.

  • Normal loan.
  • School fees loan.
  • Tatua loan.
  • Fosa loan.
  • Thau mbau loan.
  • Float advance.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Self-guaranteed loan.
  • Youth loan.
  • Business peak advance.
  • Asset finance.
  • LPO financing.
  • Bodaboda loan.
  • Ng’ombe loan.
  • Biashara loan.
  • Water tank loans.
  • Milk advance.

Savings and Investment Products

Whether you are new to savings or an experienced saver, enjoy a wide range of benefits with the sacco’s various savings accounts.

  • Ordinary account.
  • Golden account.
  • Super savers.
  • Holiday account.
  • Muki junior account.
  • Share capital.
  • Bosa deposit account.
  • Fixed deposit.


Muki Sacco allows you to access your account at any time through these channels.

  • Mobile banking.
  • Muki Sacco agency.
  • Paybill 469 988.
  • Fund transfer (RTGS).
  • Cheque book.
  • Mpesa services.

List Of Muki Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Ndunyu Njeru, North Kinangop.

Contact: 0711 794 957.


2. Engineer Branch

Contact: 0711 733 938.

3. Kwa Haraka Branch

Contact: 0724 547 850.

4. Geta Branch

Contact: 0718 679 524.

5. Murungaru Branch

Contact: 0708 941 852.

6. Miharati Branch

Contact: 0711 734 171.

7. Shamata Branch

Contact: 0716 896 008.

8. Naivasha Branch

Contact: 0700 400 478.

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