List Of Muungano Microfinance Bank Products and Branches

This article focuses on Muungano Microfinance Bank products and their branches. It is one of the 14 licensed microfinance banks in Kenya. Muungano Microfinance Bank was granted a license to operate community-based microfinance banking business on 30th October 2019.

Muungano Microfinance Bank is headquartered on the ground floor of EastEnd Mall in Kangari, Murang’a County. It is the first microfinance bank to set up its head office and operations outside Nairobi. The agri-focused microfinance bank targets rural small-scale farmers in Kigumo Sub County through value chain financing. Their products are designed to help farmers purchase assets in the dairy and tea sectors.

List Of Muungano Microfinance Bank Products

a) Agri-business Loans (Kilimo Kisasa)

1. Muungano Maziwa Boost Loan.

This loan product helps farmers maximize the production of milk through the financing of dairy cows,  zero-grazing units, quality animal feeds, domestic milk coolers, water tanks, motorbikes and motor vehicles.

2. Muungano Majani Boost Loan.

This product maximizes tea production through the financing of:

  •  Labour – Tea Picking
  • Pickers housing improvement
  • Water Tanks
  •  Development Loans – Bonus based

b) Business Loans 

1. Muungano Boresha Biashara Loan

This product aims to finance the day-to-day running of your business through LPO Financing, business asset financing, and provision of working capital loans.

2. Muungano Mradi Loan

This is a community project financing targeting dairy societies, churches, schools, chamas, families etc. It finances up to 70% cost of the project.

3. Muungano Vijana Boost Loan

This is a youth-focused product that enables youth to be economically empowered and employers through LPO Financing and working capital loans.

c) Personal Loans

1. Muungano Jijenge Loan

This is a product for regular earners. It finances:

  • Acquisition of household assets
  •  House Improvement
  •  Purchase of Land
  •  Holidays, Medical, Education etc

2. Muungano Okoa Loan

This is a short term loan and salary advance meant to handle emergencies.

d) Savings Accounts

1. Haba Savings Account


  • Minimum Balance Ksh.400
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Interest earning

2. Baraka Junior Savings Account

This product is designed for kids.


  • Opening Balance Kshs. 400
  • Interest earning
  • Quarterly free withdrawal

3. Muungano Investment Account

It targets groups, chamas and associations.


  • Deposit & Withdrawal at will
  • Minimum balance Kshs.1000
  • Interest earning

D) High Interest-Earning Accounts

1. Jiinue Fixed Deposit Account


  • Fixed-term deposit
  • From as low as Ksh 5,000
  • Attractive interest rates

2. Timiza Flexi Savings accountHigh Interest-Earning account to actualize your dreams with contractual Flexi-savings e.g school fees, maternity, holiday, wedding, assets etc


  • Minimum balance Kshs. 1000
  • Allows for additional deposits
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Unsecured Loan available against the deposit

E) Current Accounts

1. Sasa – Transactional Account
Suitable for business operations.
  • No minimum balance
  • Cheque book issued
  • Unlimited number of deposits and withdraws

List Of Muungano Microfinance Bank Branches

1. Muungano Microfinance Bank Head Office 

Location: Ground Floor, EastEnd Mall, Kangari, Murang’a County

Phone: 0706974747 / 0706974343 / 020-4404173


2. Nairobi Liason Office 

Location: 7th Floor, Ngara Heights, Musindi Road

Contact: 0706974747 , 0716  604 453

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