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List Of National Reserves In Kenya

This is a list of national reserves in Kenya. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the body tasked with managing national reserves, national parks, national sanctuaries and marine national parks in Kenya. KWS manages about 8 % of the country’s landmass.

Here is a list of national reserves in Kenya.

1. Mwingi Game Reserve

Mwingi Game Reserve is a designated Wilderness Activity Zone that creates opportunities for fly camping, fishing, camel and horseback safaris, with attractions such as Adamson’s Falls, fishing and boating on Tana River and Kampi ya Simba. It is a habitat for animals such as elephants, hippos, leopards, lions and antelopes.

2. Nasolot National Reserve

The reserve is located to the north of Mount Mtelo, off the A1 Kitale-Lodwar Road. It is a hidden paradise where visitors can enjoy spectacular views of Nasolot Hill, bird watching, camping, fishing and nature walks. The reserve is home to wildlife such as lesser kudu, elephants, bushbuck, lions, leopards, spotted hyena, sykes monkey, buffalos and gazelles.

3. Kakamega Forest National Reserve

The reserve is a canopy of natural beauty and a remnant of the rain forest that stretched all across Central Africa. It is home to bush pigs, giant forest hedgehogs, colobus monkeys, De Brazzer’s monkeys and diverse birdlife. It is a perfect destination for bird watching, hiking and rock climbing.

4. Bisanadi National Reserve

Bisanadi National Reserve lies north of Meru National Park. It is a hot and arid bushland that hosts many species of mammals such as lions, rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, buffalos and more than 400 species of birds. Visitors can enjoy camping under the stars, boating and fishing on Tana and Rojewero rivers.

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5. Shimba Hills National Reserve

This reserve is rich in flora and fauna and hosts the highest density of African elephants in the country. It is a paradise of the sable antelope, elephants and bushy-tailed mongoose. The reserve is endowed with forest birdlife, the scenic Sheldrick Falls, spectacular campsites and the dense Mwaluganje Forest.

6. Mwea National Reserve

The Mwea National Reserve is an oasis of tranquillity located in Mbeere. It features the savannah ecosystem that comprises small hills with bushy vegetation and scattered large trees. Major wildlife attractions include; elephants, Rothschild giraffes, common zebras, vervet monkeys, warthogs, Sykes monkeys, striped ground squirrels, mongooses, hippos and crocodiles.

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