List Of Nominated MCAs In Migori County

Here is a list of nominated MCAs in Migori County. Migori is one of the 6 counties in the former Nyanza Province. Governor Ochillo Ayacko heads the county.

Functions Of Nominated MCAs

The role of a nominated MCA in Kenya is the same as that of an elected Member of the County Assembly. MCAs are involved in legislation, representation, and oversight of the county governments.

List Of Nominated MCAs In Migori County

  Name Party
1. Mercy A. Onyango  




2. Kemege Tyson Gabriel
3. Kiyeye Ann Beryl
4. Chris Hani Kwenya
5. Elizabeth Ochaye
6. Clarice Oyoo
7. Beatrice Adhiambo Odhiambo
8. Rose Achieng Aoro
9. Beatrice Anyango Okumu
10. Jane Ngoli
11. Derine Dande Indah
12. Ruth Atieno Onyango
13. Caroline Akinyi Okere
14. Phelister Atieno Makabongo
15. Alice Achieng Amolo
16. Anjilina Adhiambo Opiyo
17. Ghati Lydiah Gimonge Jubilee
18. Chagoche Matinde PPK
19. Stela Akinyi K Ombonya UPIA

MCA Salaries in Kenya

According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), an MCA earns a salary of Ksh 144,375 per month; a basic salary of Ksh 86,625, a house allowance of Ksh 45,000 and a market adjustment of Ksh 12,750.

MCA Salaries in Kenya 
Basic Salary Ksh 86,625
House Allowance Ksh 45,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 12,750
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 144,375
Victor Matara

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