List Of Nuts Companies In Kenya

This is a list of nuts companies in Kenya. The list focuses on companies primarily engaged in the production, processing and export of nuts such as macadamia nuts, peanuts and cashew nuts.

Here is a list of nuts companies in Kenya.

1. Afrimac Nut Company Limited

Afrimac Nut Company was incorporated in 2011 primarily to engage in agro-food processing, particularly to exploit the opportunity that existed in the Kenyan macadamia nut market. Its core business is the processing of macadamia nuts and macadamia oil to export markets.

Location: Maragua, Along Kenol-Muranga Road.

Contact: 0723 706 358.


2. Jungle Nuts Limited

It is a Kenyan company that processes/deals with products such as organic macadamia nuts, organic cashew nuts, organic avocados, macadamia nuts oil and organic avocado oil.

Location: Thika.

Contact: 020 514 2800.


3. Kenya Nut Company

Kenya Nut Company was established in 1972 with a focus on growing quality macadamia and cashew nuts. This has since grown to include coffee, chocolates and oils. Macadamia nuts and coffee from the company’s farm are certified organic and the processing of the products is done in a HACCP environment. The company’s renowned brands include Nutfields and Out of Africa.

Location: Thika.

Contact: 020 221 8200.


4. Privamnuts EPZ Kenya Ltd

It is one of the few macadamia nuts processing and exporting companies in Kenya.

Location: Muthatari, Siakago Road, Embu.

Contacts: 0709 765 000, 0709 765 257.

5. Eureka Nuts Limited

The company was established in 2015 to process and distribute edible nuts to the local market. It produces different products such as macadamia nuts, cashew nuts and peanuts for supply to customers.

Location: Athi 55 Building Sabaki, Mombasa Road.

Contacts: 0792 002 891, 0729 002 890.


6. Afri-China International Ltd

The company was established in 2004 and has over the years grown to be a world  class processor and exporter of macadamia nuts.

Contact: 0716 510 222.


7. Hannjonuts Ltd

The company was founded in 2016 primarily to produce and process macadamia nuts which pass through a strict selection system to allow for bio export and high sustainability. The company ships the products worldwide.

Contact: 0746 490 746.


8. Meru Equatorial Nuts Limited

It is a duly licensed nut processing company that is in the business of buying in shell macadamia nuts from farmers, drying, cracking, packaging and selling macadamia kernel to various buyers.

Contacts: 0721 760 109, 0722 346 837.

9. Wondernut International Ltd

It is a premier provider of processed macadamia nuts, offering high quality Kenyan grown macadamia kernels to food manufacturers and nut processors.

Location: Athi River.

Contacts: 0722 713 075, 0733 606 707.

10. Equatorial Nut Processors Ltd

It is one of the leading agro-processors on East and Central Africa for edible nuts, fortified food and cotton.

Location: Maragua.

Contacts: 020 804 3083, 020 375 3122.


11. Sagana Nuts Limited

It is one of the top companies in Kenya that processes and exports macadamia nuts.

Location: Sagana Town.

Contact: 0727 819 332.


12. Paem Company Limited

The company engages in processing and export of macadamia nuts by offering a sustainable market to thousands of small holder macadamia farmers.

Location: Industrial Area, Thika.

Contact: 0672 220 447.


13. Superfine Africa Nuts Ltd

Superfine Africa is engaged in the processing and export of macadamia nuts and nuts products.

Location: Thika.

Contact: 0799 000 606.


14. Exotic EPZ Limited

It is Kenya’s premier macadamia nuts processor and exporter. It also helps local macadamia farmers to market their products in local and international markets.

Location: Sameer Industrial Park, Enterprise Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0792 963 890.


15. Sasini Nuts

The company primarily grows and processes macadamia nuts, tea, coffee, avocado and dairy products.

Contact: 020 334 2166.


16. Cashewland Ltd

It is engaged in procuring raw cashew kernels, processing and packing them into wholesome, hygienic cashew nuts which are outrightly distributed in Kenya.

Location: Kilifi.


17. Kakuzi Ltd

Kakuzi Ltd is engaged in the production and processing of macadamia nuts and other agricultural products. The company’s macadamia production is packed and sold under the Maclands brand, the largest brand of macadamia in Africa.

Contacts: 0722 205 895, 0722 205 896.


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