List Of Online Jobs in Kenya 2019

Nowadays, we can’t deny that the freelance economy is on the rise.Many Kenyans are an enterprising lot so a majority of them pick some extra work to do during their free time to boost their earnings. We have many Kenyans who are fully employed, or have fully employed themselves online and are making a killing there.All that’s needed for a majority of the online work is a stable internet connection and some time. One good thing about working online is that it offers you the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime.Many people out here are paying bills courtesy of online jobs and others have quit their jobs to do this online jobs full-time.
Today we decided to list for you some of the freelance sites where you can make money online here in Kenya.

1. iWriter
This name sounds familiar to many campus students and graduates. You can use this site to write recipes, ebooks, blog posts, cover letters and even press releases and you can then earn as much as 7000-8000 for 500 words once your article is approved and is plagiarism free.
Users or potential users register for a free account and specify on their specialty and requests from people who need your service will come trickling in.

2. Upwork
Here, all skills are required, whether you do programming, app development, creative writing, accounting, sales experts and so on.Around 3 million jobs are posted on the site yearly and it has a wide variety of jobs to choose from.

3. Fiverr
This site allows you to monetize almost everything from $5. You have the liberty to design book covers, design t-shirts , write cover letters, for and the charges are between Ksh500 to as hefty as Ksh 103,000. Freelancers need to sign up for an account at no extra cost

4. iFreelance
This site allows clients to find freelancers who can design, build and market your project for some fee. There are many other jobs like photography, painting, engineering and even videography. Freelancer then can bid to do as many jobs as they can but first, you need to sign up for a small fee of Ksh 500 for the basic account

5. BrighterMonday
Many know this as a job seeking site but it allows users to specify if they are looking for a part-time job and they will link you up to businesses that require your skills.

With a freelance population of more than 1.7 million, the site is promising and that shows that there are job opportunities.
Jobs available are art, marketing, translation, multimedia, photography and even design.

7. PeoplePerHour
This site connects businesses to a wide freelancer population who do a variety of jobs like web design, graphic design, blogging, translation and even marketing. Freelancers get notified when a new job posting is up for grabs.

8. SimplyHired
SimplyHired offers a wider range than most other freelance platforms offer and is perfect for everyone whether you’re a programmer, designer, expert, university student or graduate, there’s a freelance platform there for you, all you need to do is simply sign up and unlock your potential.

9. College Recruiter
Perfect for college students or recent graduates, College Recruiter gives students a platform to make money as a part-time job and a jumpstart for somebody’s career.

10. Freelance Writing Gigs
This is mostly for freelancers who love writing most. Freelancers who are writers, editors, bloggers or even publishers have a good platform for making money here.

John Nyabuto

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