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List Of Open Air Markets In Kenya

This is a list of open-air markets in Kenya. Kenya hosts several open-air markets that attract droves of sellers and buyers from all walks of life. The markets are renowned for offering a range of products such as fresh produce, cereals, clothes, shoes and many more. They are the best places to visit especially for picky customers as they offer plenty of alternatives.

 Open-air markets in Kenya.

1. Karatina Open Air Market

Karatina is the largest open-air market in Kenya. It is located in Karatina Town, Nyeri County. The market is well known for fresh fruits and vegetables which are sold at pocket-friendly prices.

2. Maasai Market

Maasai Market is an open-air market located in almost all major towns in Kenya. For instance in Nairobi, Maasai Market can be found on Kijabe Street and the High Court Parking lot just behind Hilton. Here you can find all kinds of fabrics, jewellery, beaded necklaces, artefacts, clothes and many more.

3. Toi Market

Toi is an open-air market located behind Adams Arcade on Ngong Road. The market is quite a good place to shop for all kinds of fashionable clothes, shoes, beddings, handbags and all other fashionable items.

4. Gikomba

Gikomba is the largest and most famous flea market located in Nairobi. It may be congested but it is the best place to shop for second-hand clothes better known as mtumba, shoes, groceries and other products. You need to visit the place early in the morning to get the best products.

5. Muthurwa Market

This is a popular vegetable/grocery market located in the heart of Nairobi. The place is a bit crowded but has affordable fresh farm products that are worth your time. You can also find other products such as clothes, shoes and utensils at the market.

6. Ngara Market

Ngara is an open-air market located in Nairobi. It has all kinds of vendors selling fresh vegetables and fruits, second-hand clothes, shoes, utensils and many other products.

7. City Market

City Market is located at the junction of Market Road and Muindi Mbingu Street in Nairobi. The market has a wide variety of products, from fish and meat to paintings, flowers, vegetables, jewellery, sculptures and woodcarvings.

8. Kamukunji Market

Kamukunji is an open-air market located in Nairobi, particularly known for the wholesale of numerous products such as utensils, clothes, home appliances, beddings, toiletries and many more.

9. Kongowea Market

Kongowea Market is located in Kiengeleni, Nyali sub-county. It is one of the largest and busiest open-air markets located in the Coastal region of Kenya. It is the perfect place to shop for fresh groceries/vegetables, cereals, a variety of farm inputs, clothes…etc.

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