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List Of Parking Spots In Nairobi CBD

This is a list of parking spots in Nairobi CBD. Parking in Nairobi CBD has been a nightmare for a long period of time. The demand for parking spots is very high compared to the few available spots.

There are about 9,000 parking slots operated by Nairobi City County. There are also various parking slots that are privately owned. Most city dwellers opt for those managed by Nairobi City County as they are much cheaper compared to those that are privately owned.

Here is a list of parking spots in Nairobi CBD

1. Holy Family Basilica Parking

Holy Family Basilica is one of the best and most secure parking spots in Nairobi CBD. It was officially opened on 2nd December 2019. Its modern parking silo can accommodate up to 536 cars. Parking charges range from Kshs 100-500 depending on time duration.

Location: Next to Parliament Road- City Hall Way Junction.

2. KICC Car Park

It is a great and secure parking space within Nairobi CBD. The car park has good attendants who are friendly and will ensure your car is safe for the entire period you are away.

Location: Parliament Road.

4. Intercontinental Car Park

It is a 24/7 secure car park located along Parliament Road in Nairobi CBD.

Location: Parliament Road.

5.KeMU Towers Car Parking

It is an automated basement car park located at the KeMU Towers along Utalii Lane in Nairobi.

Location: Next to Kenindia House, Utalii Ln, Nairobi

6. Law Courts Car Park

The car park is also managed by Nairobi City County. It can accommodate up to 220 cars. It is a good and safe parking spot in Nairobi CBD.

Location: Taifa Road.

7. Sunken Car Park

Sunken Car Park is operated and managed by Nairobi City County. It can accommodate up to 243 cars.

Location: Taifa Road, Aga Khan Walk, Next to Re-insurance Plaza.

8. KAPS Parking

KAPS Parking is a secure basement parking spot that is easily accessible and with good security. It is a private parking spot.

Location: Hazina Trade Centre, Muindi Mbingu Street.

9. Utalii Street Car Park

It is a private open-air car park that is quite affordable and with proper security.

Location: Opposite Utalii House.

10. Loita Street Car Park

The car park is located in an easily accessible place and is privately managed. It is a secure parking spot that is well guarded.

Location: Behind Laico Regency Hotel.

11. Kenyatta Avenue Car Park

It is a private open-air car park that is quite secure and affordable.

Location: Loita Street, Opposite Kipande House.

12. Serena Hotel Parking Lobby

It is a good parking facility that is spacious and very secure. Your car or vehicle is 99% safe at this facility.

Location: Embassy Building, Nyerere Road.

13. St Andrews PCEA Parking 

St Andrews PCEA Parking is an ample and secure parking spot with friendly attendants and modern payment systems.

Location: Nyerere Road.

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