List Of Plastic Household Products Manufacturers In Kenya

This is a list of plastic household products manufacturers in Kenya. The list focuses on leading manufacturers of high-quality household products such as mugs, plates, basins, buckets, chairs, spoons, flasks, jerry cans, lunch boxes and many more.

Here is a list of plastic household products manufacturers in Kenya.

1. Kenpoly Manufacturers Ltd

Kenpoly is a diversified company that manufactures Kenpoly plastic products which are one of the most preferred plastic brands in Kenya. The company’s products include buckets, basins, jugs, lunchboxes, bins, chopping boards, tables, chairs, crates, mugs and many more.

Location: Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0709 956 000.

2. Adix Plastics

Adix Plastics manufactures quality household products such as trays, utilities, plates, mugs, lunchboxes, tables, trolleys, stools, jugs, glasses, flasks, chairs, bowls and basins. The products are available in leading supermarkets in the country.

Location: Yallow Road, Off Nanyuki Road, Industrial Area.

Contact: 0722 423 600, 0736 650 000.

3. General Plastics Ltd

General Plastics is Kenya’s premier manufacturer of rigid plastic products and packaging solutions such as bottles, jars, containers, caps, closures, pumps and many more.

Location: 96 Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 653 0032, 0733 401 390.

4. Nairobi Plastics Kenya

It is a top designer and manufacturer of plastic ware and packaging materials for domestic, commercial and Industrial application. The products include buckets, containers, basins, mugs, plates, jugs, drums and other products.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0732 629 000, 0708 737 343.

5. Brush Manufacturers Ltd

The company is Africa’s second largest broom & brush and plastics manufacturer. It manufactures a wide variety of brushes, brooms, mops, mop buckets and dust pans for industrial and home use.

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0733 513 484, 0722 513 484.

6. Afro Plastics (K) Ltd

The company manufactures and supplies plastic containers, closures and pre-form for packaging household and domestic products or commodities.

Contacts: 0715 088 350, 020 354 0054.

7. Kenapen EA Ltd

Kenapen are manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging products for domestic use and industrial packaging. They manufacture products such as jars, bottles, caps, closures and sundry items that meet clients’ specifications.

Location: Lunga Lunga Road, Next to KK Fire Security Fire Brigade, Nairobi.

Contact: 0720 832 170, 020 653 7206.

8. Complast Industries

Complast is one of Kenya’s leading manufacturer of plastic household products such as fruit baskets, plastic tumblers, buckets, chairs, tables, basins, trays, crates and many more.

Location: Off Old Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 232 6227.

9. Acme Containers

Acme Containers produces a wide range of plastic injection moulded domestic products such as chairs, tables, basins, buckets, plates and many more. The products are consistently of the highest quality in the market and are available in all major supermarkets and wholesalers in the country.

Location: CL Esoi Road, Off Lunga Lunga Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0791 222 333, 020 237 2913.

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