List Of Popular Hobbies In Kenya

This is a list of the most popular hobbies in Kenya as of 2022. Life can be stressful for us all, so we all need some sort of hobby to help relax our minds and bodies and escape from the pressures. The hobbies that people typically have range from playing sports to going to concerts, playing video games or reading.

People in Kenya are no different to those in any other part of the world. suggests you should find some of the best part-time jobs should you need time for hobbies to progress in your chosen skill.

Here are some of the things that they like to do to unwind.

List of Most Popular Hobbies in Kenya

  1. Nightclubs and Bars

This is easily one of the most popular hobbies among younger people living in the urban areas of Kenya. Cities like Mombasa are home to a lot of nightclubs and bars that attract large crowds of partygoers every night of the week – not just at weekends.

Having a good time is absolutely central to the way of life in Kenya and the owners of these venues reap the financial benefits of that. Bars that offer karaoke alongside eating and drinking are among the most frequented now, as karaoke has really caught on in Kenyan cities.

Going out to these venues allows hard-working Kenyans to let off steam and socialize with their friends.

  1. Playing Poker

Casino games such as poker are one of the three big types of gambling in Kenya; with the other two being the lottery and betting on sports events. There are plenty of impressive casinos in Kenya that people like to visit to play poker.

They include the Finix Casino in Nairobi, where Texas Hold’em is the favored poker game and there is a lucrative live tournament held on Sunday of each week. The Mayfair Casino, also in Nairobi, is another frequent choice for poker players, as it has a wide selection of different games.

This being the digital age, poker fans in Kenya now also love to play it online at Playing in this way is easy and convenient and poker offers both excitement and an absorbing way of getting away from life stress.

  1. Camping or Hiking

Some Kenyans prefer a hobby that gets them out into the fresh air. There is lots of countryside with lakes, mountains and woodland to explore, so both camping out and going on hikes are very popular pastimes.

Favored hiking trails among local people include the Ngong Hills and the trail that takes you up to Mount Kenya. For people who prefer to camp out for the night, the shores of Lake Naivasha, in Rift Valley, make for a very pleasant camping site.

These outdoor hobbies help people to keep fit and healthy physically, but also help to relieve mental stress through exposure to nature.

  1. Going to Shows

This sort of cultural hobby does not appeal to all Kenyan people, but there are some who love to relax by taking in a show at one of the country’s theaters. With the Phoenix Theater, the Alliance Francaise, and the Kenya National Theater among others, there is no shortage of places offering live stage shows.

What this site highlights is that this activity for those who enjoy it helps to let those forget about their own lives for a short time and enter a fictional world instead.

  1. Watching Live Sports

People in Kenya are committed fans of sports and children are introduced to rugby, football and other favored sports at an early age. Soccer clubs like AFC Leopards SC, Mathare United FC and Sopaka FC – all from Nairobi – as well as Kericho’s Zoo Kericho FC and Nakuru’s Ulinzi Stars FC enjoy high levels of support.

There is a bit of a class divide when it comes to which people are interested in which sports though. Rugby and soccer attract a slightly more working-class audience, while middle-class Kenyan men often prefer to play golf.

Watching sports lets the fans bond with each other and let out their emotions in a safe and healthy environment.

  1. Going Shopping

Retail therapy is a very common hobby amongst Kenyans of both sexes. Again though, there tends to be notable differences in the actual items that men and women choose to buy.

Kenyan men are more likely to shop for new cars or electronic gadgets that they can play with. On average, the women are more likely to be looking for shoes or new clothes for their wardrobes, in addition to items that are needed for the home.

The pleasure of buying something new that you want is well recognized as a benefit of shopping. discusses relaxation methods to help improve the mood of people after a long week of work.

  1. Stay at Home

Finally, some Kenyans prefer hobbies that they can indulge in without having to get up off the couch. Reading and following the latest episodes of their favorite television shows are popular ways of relaxing among Kenyans as they are everywhere else.

As hobbies go, these are cheap to pursue and little is more calming during times off work than reading a book or watching TV.

These are the hobbies that are enjoyed most often among people in Kenya right now. They are a mixture of energetic, exciting and more sedentary pursuits because tastes vary.

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