List Of Prices For 1/4 An Acre In Nairobi’s Satellite Towns 2018

This is a list of the prices for 1/4 an acre in Nairobi’s satellite towns in 2018. As we have written before, 51% of the people working within Nairobi don’t live within the city. The reason is simple here, many of them can’t stand the living conditions within the Nairobi, say high living costs or insecurity.

Such reasons and many more others are the reason why many people work in Nairobi but after work, they all head to satellite towns near Nairobi where they live/rent. Living costs in this satellite towns are bearable and in such places, one can buy a piece of land and build a home because land prices haven’t skyrocketed like in Nairobi…well, and even if they have, they are not at extreme “heights”. The demand for property has been on the rise and land being a relatively risky investment option, it has been bound to increase in value from time to time, in fact, more often than any other investment.

So long story short, here are the prices for 1/4 an acre in Nairobi’s major satellite towns.[docxpresso file=”” comments=”true” SVG=”true”]


John Nyabuto

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