List Of Profitable Crops To Grow In Kenya

This is a list of profitable crops to grow in Kenya. The list mainly focuses on high-value crops which have high demand in both local and international markets. Such crops can guarantee you a steady flow of income. Most of the crops do not require a huge piece of land to grow.

Here are the most profitable crops to grow in Kenya.

1. Lettuce

It is a highly nutritious vegetable specifically rich in Vitamin C and dietary fibre. One head of lettuce broccoli goes for about Ksh.70 to 100 in the local markets. This vegetable can fetch you a profit of around Kshs 100,000- 150, 000 on a good month. It is the best vegetable to grow in Kenya.

2. Mushrooms

Mushroom farming may not be a common practice in Kenya. This explains why training, seminars and workshops on mushroom farming are occasionally organised in Kenya. This is a very profitable farming venture if you critically work on your marketing skills. A kilogram of mushrooms goes for around 600 shillings in the Kenyan markets.

3. Dania/Cilantro

Dania is mainly used to add flavour to dishes. Its demand in Kenya has been steadily growing over the past years. It contains all sorts of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which can aid in treating skin disorders, diarrhoea, reduce coughs and high blood pressure. Kshs 1000 Dania seeds can generate you a profit of between 30,000- 45,000 shillings within one and a half months.

4. Passion Fruit

This is one of Kenya’s biggest fruit export which is mainly used for making juice and other beverages. There are mainly two types of passion fruit grown in Kenya. This includes the purple variety which is grown in high altitude areas and the yellow variety which is considered to be disease resistant. Passion fruits in Kenya go for Kshs 40 to 100 per kg while the grade 1 which is mainly for export purposes goes for Kshs 70 to 100 per kg.

5. Garlic

This is a high-value horticultural crop which is mainly loved for its unique flavour in food and the numerous health benefits it possesses. It mainly does well in optimum conditions and takes about 6 months to be ready for harvesting. Just a 1/4 acre of land can yield about 2.5 tons of garlic bulb which goes for 150 shillings per kg.

6. Onions

Onions take about three months to be ready for harvest. This implies that they can be cultivated three times a year. The F1 varieties have a harvest potential of up to 23 tonnes in a hectare of land. The normal variety can produce up to 17tonnes per hectare of land. Locally, a kilogram of onions goes for around 70 shillings. This, however, depends on the season.

7. Cabbage

This is another profitable vegetable that can generate you lots of profit in a good season. An acre of land can roughly hold about 19,000 cabbage plants. This can fetch you about half a million shillings. Cabbages take about two months to mature. This can guarantee you up to three harvests per year if you properly manage your farm.

8. Kale (Sukumawiki)

This is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and manage in Kenya. Kale can guarantee you harvests for up to five months every week. All you need to do is to control pests and apply manure at respective times. The demand for kale is also high as it the most prefered vegetable in almost all households in Kenya.

9. Spinach

It is a very nutritious vegetable mainly rich in iron. It is mostly grown because of its edible succulent green leaves which have a recommended nutritional value. Spinach farming can earn you about 100, 000 shillings on a good month depending on how you manage your farm.

10. Tomatoes

This is also another profitable crop to count on. However, it requires you to have some knowledge on how to properly cultivate and manage your farm for the best yields. The best breed of tomato to grow is the Anna F1 which can produce over 30 tonnes per acre. It also doesn’t take long to mature.

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