List of The Top Real Estate Companies In Kenya

Real estate is a booming industry in Kenya  and that could be the major reason many Kenyan want to part it. Real estate has exponentially increased over time because  it’s major components keep appreciating in price e.g land and buildings. Land has never depreciated hence people who venture here make staggering profits either from selling land, investing in buildings and later renting them out or selling them at a more than 50% profit.

Here are some of the leading real estate companies in Kenya.

1. Villa Care

2. Llyod Masika

3. Knight Frank

4. Hass Consult Ltd

5. Suraya Property Group

6.Optiven Ltd

7. Homes Universal

8. Dinara Developers

9. Homescope Properties Ltd

10. Ryden International LTD

11. Azizi Realtors

12. Diamond Property Merchants 

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