List Of Psychiatrists In Kenya And Their Contacts

Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in mental health. They diagnose and treat people with different mental illnesses. Psychiatrists have a deep understanding of mental, emotional and physical health and how they relate to each other. Their core mandate is to help people with mental health conditions, for example, bipolar disorder schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addiction and depression.
With mental health being one of the greatest concerns lately, psychiatrists have a lot to do. In Kenya, there are a number of them spread across the country. Below is a list of psychiatrists in Kenya.


Dr. Sasaka E Idris
Location: Afwan Medical Centre, Muinami Street Opp Pumwani Maternity Hospital
Contact: 020-808448, 0752-200026
Dr. Ruguru Nyaga Thuo,
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, Suite 55
Contact: 020-2726300 Ext. 44320, 2726550, 0729-980410
Dr. Owiti Fred R
Location: Arrow Medical Centre, Arrow House Koinange Street, (Next to Chai House)
Contact: 020-2223156, 0733-610978

Dr Joseph Mwangi Irungu
Location: Ralph Bunche Rd Nelson Awori Centre 3RD Floor Room B7
Contact: 0715 687388
Dr. Maxwel Okonji
Location: Nairobi Hospital
Contact: 254722740591, 254‐28453000
Dr. Mary Wangari Kuria
Location: City Center NHC building / Nairobi University
Contact: 254 ‐ 0722755601, 020 2244746
Dr. David Bukusi

Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No 25

Contact: +254721207885
Dr. Pius Kigamwa
Location: AgaKhan University Hospital
Contact: 254 722521261
Dr. Mburu John Maina
Location: Nairobi
Contact: 0733918774
Dr. Osok, Judith Waudo
Location: 5th Ngong Avenue Suites, 4th Floor Suite 18 Ngong Road
Contact: 0703-355680
Dr. Onyancha P K
Location: Afya Centre, 2nd Floor, Tom Mboya Street
Contact: 0734-900439
Dr. Maveko Gibson
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital
Contact: 0724-481658, 0700-222810
Dr. Omondi Josephine A
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No 25
Contact: 020-2726300/ 6550 /6450, Ext. 44222, 44225, 0737-562973
Dr. Mak’anyengo Margaret A
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No 39, Nelson Awori 3rd Floor, Room A.2 Ralph Banche Road
Contact: 020-2726300, Ext. 44312, 0706-069808, 0752-847710
Dr. M’Ndegwa, J M
Location: Integrated Clinical services The Nelson Awori Centre, Wing A 3rd Floor, Room A3, Ralph Bunche Road
Contact: 020-2724845, 0739-262455 0710-922569, 0774-136549
Dr. Okonji, Marx M
Location: The Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza, 1st Floor, Room 105 Argwings Kodhek Road
Contact: 0715-216242
Dr. Mburu J M
Location: Gibson Court Block, Door 6, Ngong Road
Contact: 0722-245177, 0733-918774
Dr. Okech, Violet C A
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Patient Support Centre Unit Doctors Plaza, Suite 17
Contact: 020-2726300, 0704-521003, 0721-704716
Dr. Bukusi David E
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No 25 Hurlingham medical Centre
Contact: 020-2726300/ 6550/ 6450, 0721-207885, 0733-734661
Dr. Odhiambo George
Location: Old Waumini House, 2nd Floor, Westlands
Contact: 020-4443306, 0729-824615, 0738-975899
Dr. Njuguna K S
Location: Neuroscience Care Centre IPS Building, Wing B, 2nd Floor Kimathi Street
Contact: 0771-932020, 0722-574676
Dr. Njenga, Frank Gitau
Location: F.G. Njenga & Nguithi Associates/ Upper Hill Medical Centre 3rd Floor, Suite 3C, Ralph Bunche Road
Contact: 020-2711596 0738-499124, 0738-499124
Dr. Mucheru, Wang’ombe
Location: Kiriha Centre, Westlands
Contact: 020-4446360, 0701-079863
Dr. Njagi Peter
Location: Brightside Rehabilitation Centre Kirawa Road, Off Peponi Road
Contact: 020-2227747, 2324619, 0722-847130
Dr. Magada Susan Muthoni
Location: Waumini House, Western Wing Waiyaki Way
Contact: 0722-245816
Dr. Nguithi, Anna N
Location: F.G. Njenga & Nguithi Associates/ Upper Hill Medical Centre 3rd Floor, Suite 3C, Ralph Bunche Road
Contact: 020-2711596, 0738-499124
Dr. Kuria M Wangari
Location: The Nelson Awori Centre, 3rd Floor, Wing B7, Ralph Bunche Road
Contact: 0722-755681, 0732-755016
Prof. Ndetei, David M
Location: Ndetei, David M. (Prof) Africa Mental Health Foundation Mawensi Gardens, Upper Hill, Next to Nairobi Hospital
Contact: 0722-518365
Dr. Mutisya, Catherine Syengo
Location: Nairobi Mental Health Services KMA Centre, Mara Road, Upper Hill 3rd Floor Suite 302
Contact: 020-236563, 0738-905182, 0714-972228, 0733-738574
Dr. Kitetu S Winnie
Location: Nairobi Mental Health Service KMA Centre, Apartment 2.1, Block F Opp Visa Place, Upper Hill
Contact: 0722-740838
Dr. Kitazi Nelly
Location: Aga Khan University Hospital, Doctors Plaza 2nd Floor Room 227 3rd Parklands Avenue
Contact: 020-3662771, 0724-201818
Dr. Mutiso J K
Location: Menelik Medical Centre, Menelik Road
Contact: 0721-230205, 0733-615207
Dr. Kathuku, Dammas M
Location: Corner House, 3rd Floor, Kimathi Street
Contact: 020-2211197, 0709-749784, 0723-400799
Dr. Kigamwa A Pius
Location: Aga Khan University Hospital, Doctors Plaza Room 307
Contact: 020-3743012, 0724-541518
Dr. Muthoni Mathai
Location: University of Nairobi
Contact: 0727-329904
Dr. Jumba, J
Location: Mathare Hospital, Muthaiga
Contact: 0728-790844
Dr. Kanyanya M Ian
Location: The Nelson Awori Centre, 3rd Floor, Suite A2, Ralph Bunche Road
Contact: 0706-069808, 0752-847710, 0735-277294
Dr. Hinga Susan
Location: Mater Hospital, Doctors Plaza, Suite 2
Contact: 020-6903232
Contact: 0711-328181,0732-289850

Dr. F. A. Ongecha

Location: South C ‐ Villa Health Care

Contact: 020 2639572

Dr. Kibuga Judy
Location: Jumibert Counselling & Health Consultants KMA Centre, Mara Road
Contact: 0723-961607
Dr. Kang’ethe, Rachel
Location: University of Nairobi / Karen Hospital
Contact: 020-3862906, 6613000, 0722-520458, 0728-423009
Dr. Khaemba, Liz A
Location: 5th Avenue Office Suites, 2nd Floor Suite 14 Ngong Road
Contact: 0722-397547, 0710-262393


Dr. Kinyanjui W. D. C.
Location: Eldoret Hosiptal Doctor’s Plaza, 2nd Floor Room 305
Contact: 0721-890187
Prof. Atwoli Lukoye
Location: Moi University School of Medicine MTRH Building, Nandi Road, Eldoret Hospital Doctors Plaza Room 305
Contact: 0722-943397, 0739943397


Dr. Kariuki M M
Location: Kang’aru Annex Ground Floor Kimathi Way, nyeri
Contact: 0722-867806


Dr. Njau J W
Location: Gate House Building 2nd Floor Room. 217 Mburu Gichua Road, Nakuru.
Contact: 051-2215816, 0722-845264
Dr. Feksi A T
Location: Belpar House 1st Floor, Room 23 Kenyatta Way Next To National Bank, Nakuru.
Contact: 0722-568166


Dr. Wasunna, Rose Akelo
Location: NSSF Building Mombasa
Contact: 0725-162780

Dr. Omar, J Aly
Location: Mombasa Trade Centre, Ambalah House 4th Floor, Nkurumah Road
Contact: 041-2221123, 0721-361168
Dr. Mwangome C M
Location: Mombasa Trade Centre, Digo Road
Contact: 041-2313580, 0722-304804
Dr. Muinga Edwin
Location: Mombasa Trade Centre, 1st Floor, North Tower
Contact: 0724-552764
Dr. Mahero, Ernest Harry Okoti
Location: Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa.
Contact: 0733-789166


Dr. Kigatiira, Kimathi Mbogari
Location: Meru Medical Centre & Nursing Home, Opp. Meru G.K Prison
Contact: 0722-917476, 0789-020347


Dr. Muli M Michael
Location: Kamba Building Room 102 Next to Peter Mulei & Sons Wholesalers, Machakos.
Contact: 0722-616579, 0722-562496


Dr Francis Matete
Contact: +254 71 602 4884
Location: Nzoia Road, Kisumu


Dr. Wambua, J S Kitili
Location: Asantey Medical Clinic & Lab Main Street Thika Town
Contact: +254 71 122 8904, 0733-897463, 0737-494844
Dr. Njayakio Sammy W
Location: Clairebown Towers, 4th Floor Kwame Nkurumah Road, Thika
Contact: 0735-290506, 0722-273079 0720-766430


Dr Ambrose Ondiek Ngere
Location: Ogwedhi Health Clinic, Kahawa West, Kamae Kiwanja Road
Contact: 0721321013
Dr. Musau Peter Muli
Location: Kikuyu Town
Contact: 020-3748578, 3742733, 0725-713490, 0710-897581, 0733-552456


Difference Between Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Psychiatrists are often confused with Psychologists. Please note that Psychiatrists are medical doctors while psychologists are not. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication while psychologists can’t. Psychiatrists can also admit people to hospitals, which psychologists can’t do. Psychologists mainly focus on providing talk therapy to patients.

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