List Of Radiator Companies In Kenya

This is a list of radiator companies in Kenya. The list focuses on manufacturers, sellers and repairers of all types of radiators in Kenya. Radiators are used to eliminate heat from the engine. They are essential components of the engine’s cooling system.

Here is a list of radiator companies in Kenya

1. Sagoo Holdings Ltd

Sagoo Holdings is a leading manufacturer in East Africa with a foresight of providing the Kenyan industry with top quality and high-performance Kenyan-manufactured radiators and heat exchangers.

Contacts: 0722 209 856, 0733 622 851.

2. Indo Africa Radiators

The company sells and repairs radiators, heat exchangers, oil coolers and industrial boilers.

Contact: 0729 563 452.

3. City Radiators Ltd

The company stocks various types of radiators and offers repair services. They have copper/brass radiators and plastic aluminium radiators.

Contacts: 0718 256 120, 0724 571 214.

4. Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited

Citizen Cooling is the leading radiator company in Nairobi. They sell and repair all types of radiators and intercoolers for all automotive engines.

Contact: 0724 381 416.

5. Zedco Coolex

Zedco Coolex is a radiator manufacturing company. It also does air conditioning services for building systems and vehicles.

Contact: 0731 374 055.

6. Blaqtech Radiators

The company manufactures high-quality radiators and offers repair services at affordable costs within Nairobi and its environs.

Contact: 0723 760 743.

7. Garwan & Barissa Company

Garwan and Barissa is a registered company that primarily repairs and services radiators, brake lining and clutch refacing.

Contact: 0722 477 168.

8. MZ Radiators Ltd

MZ Radiators Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated to repair, maintain and assemble radiators, heat exchangers and air coolers. It also supplies the radiators as per a customer’s request.

Contact: 0711 402 555.

9. Modern Radiator Services

Modern Radiator Services is a renowned company that offers professional radiator repair services and sales.

Contact: 0726 171 805.

10. Relax Ltd

Relax Ltd has made a name as an air conditioner and radiator specialist in Kenya. The company repairs and maintains all types of radiators.

Contact: 0731 651 212.

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